Coconut Grove brunch with simple ingredients done well

The natural lighting and perfected French classics of Le Pain Quotidien makes it an obvious choice for a Saturday Brunch.


Enjoy meals such as their Chicken Mozzarella melt, complete with fresh ingredients

Le Pain Quotidien, directly translating to “the daily bread,” is aptly named as anyone  would enjoy visiting this shop daily. Their location is in the heart of Coconut Grove, right by CocoWalk, providing a fresh experience in every sense of the word. The baked goods are made daily and the natural light alongside the  foliage outside makes the place feel bright and genuine. 

Walking through the greenery of the area, visitors are met with a feeling of comfort that invites them to look around the lively ambience. Going down the cobblestone sidewalk that leads to a few other restaurants neighboring Le Pain Quotidien, the eye-catching tree and brush outside of the bakery makes the environment feel homey and inviting. The view of all the fresh pastries, including their celebrated croissant array, the poppy seed and lemon muffins and the selection of breads shows a mere yet appealing portion of what the bakery has to offer. 

There is a wide variety of areas to sit in, ranging from outside spaces with shade and a view of the street, to the inside with multiple corners to dine in. The downstairs area has couches to sit in, along with tables with natural lighting. Climbing up the vibrant blue steps, one can find more space upstairs to enjoy a meal. The room feels very open with large windows from the floor to the roof, creating a bright space matching the natural and green environment of the area. The restaurant is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, perfect to enjoy anything from an early breakfast to a late lunch.

“Having excellent bakery options  nearby along with the wonderful other staff that I work with make me enjoy my job here,” server Laura Rodriguez said “I’ve learned a lot about service and it has been a fun and diverse place to work.”  

 Customers can either dine in and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, or go to the counter and order a quick drink and bakery options to go. Although they are typically very busy on Saturday and Sunday, going on a weekday after school is a great time to enjoy a calm meal. 

Additionally, for those seeking a more refreshing beverage, their lemonade options like the mint lemonade and lemonade iced tea are perfect for a hot Miami day. As an entree, the Chicken and Mozzarella Melt was served on a large slice of sourdough bread, topped with fresh tomatoes, cheese, chicken and basil oil. Although somewhat difficult to eat due to its small plating, it was delicious and very filling; the Warm Grain Bowl is also an excellent choice for a hearty meal. Although it was advertised to be brought with bread, it was never served. Though the lack of bread was disappointing, the food was enjoyable nonetheless and the goat cheese and cranberry pairing was ingenious. 

“The first time I visited I ordered the egg, cheddar and avocado breakfast sandwich. It was such a delicious meal that I have ordered the same thing every single time I’ve gone,” senior Kysa Mesa said. 

The Belgian waffle was an excellent dessert option to finish the meal. The fruit was fresh and the whipped cream was melting on the top. The dish did not even need any maple syrup; it was perfect as is. Though the prices were on the higher end, it is easy to tell they use high quality, fresh ingredients and the options were carefully thought out by the curators. 

Le Pain Quotidien has a variety of sweet and savory options to choose from, and is a great place to enjoy a typical French meal or a household staple like a breakfast sandwich or an avocado toast. The environment makes it feel very enticing and is a great place to enjoy a meal with a friend or family member, or even to go alone and appreciate the food by itself.

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  • Enjoy meals such as their Chicken Mozzarella melt, complete with fresh ingredients

  • Visit for their open, well-lit setting!

  • The Grain Bowl, a filling, hearty meal perfect for anyone