Coral Gables Senior High School Hall of Fame

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Coral Gables Senior High School (CGHS) Hall ofFameis to recognize and honor alumni who have demonstrated excellence in their chosen fields. The Hall of Famewill also recognize and honor individuals who may or may not be CGHS graduates but have made significant contributions to the school community. 


In December of 2018, the Friends of Gables High organization, in conjunction with the CGHS Hall of Fame Selection Committee, decided to bring back the Hall of Fame Program in order to honor distinguished Cavaliers.

Nomination Criteria:

CGHS alumni must have been out of high school for a minimum of 10 years and CGHS faculty or staff must have left their position for a minimum of five years. (The faculty time requirement may be waived by the Friends of Gables High in special circumstances.) Posthumous nominations will also be accepted. Self-nominations will not be accepted. 

Nomination forms must be filled out with contact information for both the nominee and the person making the nomination, as well as all questions answered. Nominees cannot nominate themselves. No submission will be accepted without the criteria above met.

Nomination Process:

Nominations for potential inductees to the Coral Gables Senior High School Hall of Fame will be accepted on a rolling basis. To nominate a CGHS alumni or individual who has made a significant contribution to the school community, please fill out the following online application click here

Selection Committee and Process:

The Coral Gables Senior High School Hall of Fame Committee consists of (10) members: Five (5) members of the CGHS staff/faculty, and five (5) members of the Friends of Gables High. Members of the selection committee will meet in person after the deadline for submissions for a given Hall of Fame Class year. All nominated HOF contenders will be discussed in person at the meeting and voted on. 

Announcement and Induction:

When a new selection of inductees to the Hall of Fame is made, the individuals will be contacted directly and announcements placed on the Friends of Gables High website, on the school website, in the Friends of Gables High newsletter, in the community newspapers, and on social media.  

At such time, a formal induction will be held at Coral Gables Senior High School in the form of a student assembly. Inductees and their guests will be invited to a corresponding off-campus reception.