Cavaliers on Triathlons

Ready…Set…Go! Triathlons are an athletic competition that consists of three different events usually swimming, cycling, and running. Preparing for a triathlon is never easy; you must be really motivated and hardworking! People who are participating are always working out to get stronger than before. Triathlons have an amazing impact in people’s lives.

Here’s what some Cavaliers had to say on the subject:

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I love a good adventure and like to challenge myself. I also was always fascinated with endurance athletes and their drive and commitment to keep go under any physical challenge.
I love it all but I have to say that swimming part although the most challenging for me is my favorite.

— Mrs. Vera

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I love watching triathlons as much as I love running. I think it’s an amazing way to stay in shape and have fun. I think the best part of it is the running competition because I love running.

— freshman Dayanna Ruiz said

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I really enjoy watching triathlons because it gets me really pumped. I love cycling and swimming even if I just do it for fun I think it’s great. These athletes take their time training and once they get to do what they’ve been waiting for they go insane! It’s great to watch how excited they get about doing what they love.

— freshman Alejandra Rivera said

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What I enjoy most about triathlons is watching the faces of the people when they cross the finish line. A triathlon is a great way to keep your body in shape & healthy. My favorite part of the competition is cycling because I love riding bicycles

— freshman Lisdeyvis Mestre

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Triathlons are super motivating, they’re a great way to motivate you to stay in shape and be active; making your body very sharp and powerful. Honestly, the best part about the competition is running because it’s a very fun thing to do

— freshman Luis Hernandez

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I enjoy triathlons, because I enjoy how people are motivated to work out. This will help with the issue that America faces with obesity, and makes it more fun to work out. My favorite part is probably the running component of it, because it’s more of a family friendly sport.

— freshman Audrey Weigel

Triathlons are a great motivation to be healthy and stay active. So, if you are ever up for a fun challenge sign up for a triathlon.