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Natalia Rodriguez

Appreciate the little things in life, like glass.

Nowadays it’s easy to get lost in the myriad of new “gadgets” and technologies that are constantly being developed, each one seemingly more impressive than the next. Rather than getting caught up reviewing the latest trends, I chose to take a step back and review something that would not become obsolete and buried away in the recesses of our minds in a few months. I chose to review a basic object that is found throughout our everyday lives and yet is still criminally overlooked. I invite everyone to spare a few moments of their day and appreciate the prominence and importance of glass in its many forms.

Soda-lime Glass

Our Rating: A+

Of all of the types of glass I chose to review, soda-lime glass clearly surpasses the rest. Soda-lime glass is mostly used for glass-blowing, allowing artists to create brilliant sculptures and models of every shape and color. Apart from being used in priceless artworks, soda-lime glass is incredibly versatile and used to make glasses, test tubes and window panes. So not only is soda beautiful and decorative but it is also useful to our everyday lives. The fact that soda-lime glass is used to make outdoor sculptures and window panes also highlights its durability, which is an essential factor in assessing the quality of glass. There is no doubt that soda-lime glass is top tier.

“I love outdoor glass sculptures. They’re always so interesting because they’re usually abstract and extremely colorful. I love seeing them at night if there’s a light inside of them because the surrounding area becomes colorful as well,” senior Isabella D’Ottone said.


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Stained Glass

Our Rating: C

The few who read this review might be surprised to see that I have stained glass a “C” rating. Yes, it is beautiful, and yes there are few things that are nearly as impressive as walking into a centuries-old Gothic cathedral that is completely adorned with stained glass windows. Yet, this is precisely the issue. When people think of stained glass, they think of the magnificent rosacea that are characteristic of Gothic cathedrals and fail to acknowledge the other way in which stained glass is used; I, of course, am referring to stained glass lamps. Once popular during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, stained glass lamps found their way into countless American homes immediately ruining the decor of the room. Nowadays, these lamps are extremely antiquated and the presence of a stained glass lamp in one’s home is frankly tragic. Stained glass rightfully earns its “C.”


Our Rating: B

Crystal is refined and elegant, conjuring images of a dining table that is properly laid out and ready for a dinner party, salad forks and all. There is no better way to impress a guest than to pour them a drink in a crystal glass, a choice that is far more respectable than plastic. What makes crystal such a good type of glass is the fact that it is completely clear: there is no “blurring” or “tinting,” or even worse, “frost.” Normally, I would be quick to give crystal an “A” rating since it embodies the epitome of what glass should be. Unfortunately, I learned a rather upsetting fact about crystal when I tried to put it in the dishwasher – it will break very easily. After spending hours cleaning the shards of glass scattered inside the dishwasher, it was understood. Crystal is extremely fragile and thus does not deserve the title of “the epitome of glass.”

Hurricane-proof Glass

Our Rating: A+

Hurricane-proof glass is by far the most excellent glass. It is not only completely clear but it is also extremely useful, protecting countless homes throughout South Florida from the dangers of hurricane force winds. Thanks to hurricane-proof glass, one does not need to suffer through hurricanes in the dark and can instead entertain oneself watching the powerful forces of nature until the electricity comes back. Durable and beautiful, hurricane-proof glass merits its “A+.”

“I have hurricane-proof glass in my home and I think it’s definitely much better than putting up shutters and sitting in the dark for a day,” junior Isabel Jaen said.

Natalia Rodriguez
Hurricane-proof glass is the best type of glass.


Our Rating: F-

Fiberglass is the absolute worst. No contention. What appears to be soft and fluffy pale pink or yellow cotton candy is nothing more than thousands of tiny shards of glass that will do nothing but shred and irritate your skin. Yes, it is made for insulation and yes, I understand that that is in fact important. However, I do not understand how one can name and market something as “glass wool” and act surprised that people to want to curl up in it or grab it. Fiberglass is not even entirely made of glass, it is a combination of glass and plastic, therefore it immediately loses both points and my respect.

Natalia Rodriguez
Fiberglass is terrible, except maybe for insulation.

This assessment is only an overview of the types of glass that are found in our daily lives and may not reflect the most popular opinions. Glass is prevalent throughout our lives and can be found in almost everything we use. I hope the next time you look at anything made of glass, you are able to appreciate it a little more.