Non-Gables Students Can Attend Prom, With Application

Have a good time at prom with your date, whether they attend Gables or not!

Patricia Passwaters

Have a good time at prom with your date, whether they attend Gables or not!

Nicolas Viglucci, Staff Writer

Whether a freshman or a senior, prom is one of the many anticipated events of high school. Ideally, students would spend this magical night with those closest to them, even if it’s with someone that doesn’t go to their school. Although some high schools don’t allow outsiders to come to prom, regardless of their school or age, Gables has reached a middle ground in this matter.

The student activities director, Ms. Suarez, and Principal Costa have come to an agreement over whether or not to admit students from other schools into Gables’s prom.

“My focus is fun, while his focus is safety. Prom is an event that was created solely for the enjoyment of the students. If we can manage to safely make that experience better for them, I don’t see why we shouldn’t,” Ms. Suarez said.

Most students agree that outside students should be allowed to prom as long as it does not pose a threat to their safety.

Senior Josie Palacios is one of the many who has a significant other that does not attend the school.

“It’s my special night. I deserve to spend it with who I decide, not who the school dictates. I want him to be there with me,” Josie said.

Mr. Costa, meanwhile, believes that the safety of the students should be the priority, and is nervous about letting outsiders into prom because the school has no authority over students from different schools.

“After I refused to let any outside students in, Ms. Suarez said she was going to quit. Although there was humor, there was a deeper meaning behind it,” Mr. Costa said.

Ms. Suarez was not serious about quitting her job, but her discussion with Mr. Costa revealed the severity of her obstination. Realizing that neither one was going to entirely yield to the other, Ms. Suarez and Mr. Costa came to an agreement by requiring an application to be filled out by a Gables’ student weeks prior to prom. Additional limitations stated that anyone over 20 years of age would not be able to attend. With the introduction of an application and an age limit, the administration can ensure the safety of its students.

“It might be strange to have an adult at a teens’ party. Prom is a high school event,” senior Andrea Martinez said.

The application is a way to get students approved by administration, so their background can be cleared. To get a guest cleared, a student must first print and fill out an application found on Cavsconnect under the “News Briefs” section. After it has been filled out, the form is taken to the students activities’ office to be reviewed in detail by administrators. The guest is called to the office to verify the signature and an understanding of the requirements: the guest is under the school’s jurisdiction. Any failure to comply will result in the removal of student’s guest. Once the application is approved, the guest must take with them to prom a photo ID to verify their identity.

“I don’t believe that it is a threat as long as these forms are filled out beforehand,” Ms. Suarez said.

Both Ms. Suarez and Mr. Costa care first and foremost about the student body. Although the students’ opinions matter, safety requirements need to be kept a priority, and compromises need to be made. The administration has done a good job of satisfying the students that go to school, not only for academic success, but also for social enjoyment, fulfilling all aspects of an ideal high school experience.