Class of 2018: A Week of Senior Spirit

Seniors taking in the sites as tourists.

Cavan Wilson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

February 9, 2018

As the halfway point of the school year has passed, senioritis is rapidly spreading throughout the senior class. Luckily, Spirit Week arrived just in time to give the seniors' quickly waning energy levels a much-needed boost. The week, spanning from Feb. 5 to Feb. 9, included a different theme for seniors...

Senior Picnic Field Trip Form

No pierdas la oportunidad de divertirte con tus compañeros de clases en el Senior Picnic.

Nikita Leus-Oliva, Business Manager

December 4, 2017

Click here for the senior picnic field trip form.

Senior Superlatives

Seniors Jonathan Dearmas and Shawn Torres pose after winning superlatives.

Mia Galex and Laura Rico

March 18, 2017

On March 10th, class of 2017 partook in one of the monumental recreational activities that makes senior year unforgettable. The Senior Picnic is a traditional event that goes way back in the history of Gables; it consists of a day spent in the field playing sports, eating delectable goods, all while...

Class of 2017 Senior Picnic

Class of 2017 Senior Picnic

Cameryn Padron and Lane Morris

March 10, 2017

On March 10, dressed in bathing suits and lathered in sunscreen, seniors were ecstatic for their long-awaited Senior Picnic. After checking in with their first period teachers, students head to the auditorium to register and sing along to High School Musical. Simultaneously, they went to Cafe 9for a delicious cereal breakfast accompanied by a Beyoncé playlist. Before heading out to the field, Ms. Noval announced the senior superlatives. The superlative results were as follows: Biggest Flirt: Julene Valmaña and Thomas Martinez, Most Studious: Amy Ransom and Pepe Puig, Friendliest: Guneet Moihdeen and Jake Paz, Most Likely to Become Gables Faculty: Albany Muria and Jonathan De Armas, Best Dressed: Brianna Valdes and Shawn Torres, Most Likely to Succeed: Annie Farrell, Olivia Field and Pranav Sharma, Most Likely to Become Famous: Maria Ordonez and Julian Elortegui, Best Eyes: Arden Avera and Henry Santer, Best Looking: Bhargavi Pochi and Alex Rabell, Biggest Clown: Meagan Lee and Jorge Troitino, Most Creative: Veronica Silva and Bryan Cruz, and Biggest Change: Sydney Scanlon and Gabriel Gonzalez. "Winning Best Eyes was a big surprise and although nervous on stage, I was super happy that my classmates voted for me," senior Avera said. On the field, there were different types of inflatables, fun outdoor activities such ...

Senior Picnic Superlative Nominations

Fill out the superlative nomination form to nominate a senior for a superlative!

Annie Farrell, Copy Editor

February 9, 2017

If you are attending Senior Picnic and you would like to nominate a senior to receive a superlative at Senior Picnic, fill out the nomination form and turn it in to Student Activities (rm 9219) during lunch on WEDNESDAY FEB. 15. No nomination forms will be accepted after Feb. 15....

Senior Picnic

No pierdas la oportunidad de divertirte con tus compañeros de clases en el Senior Picnic.

Jeniffer Infante, Spanish Editor

February 2, 2017

Seniors! El Senior Picnic se llevará a cabo el 10 de Marzo del 2017. El costo por persona es de $30 y pueden pagar el dinero el 7, 8, y 9 de Febrero durante los dos almuerzos en el salón 9219. Por favor, descarga e imprime el formulario de excursión y entrégala el día que pagues el dinero. No te lo puedes perder!...

Seniors Bond at Annual Picnic

Seniors Bond at Annual Picnic

Cameryn Padron, Sara Saliamonas, Ximena Puig- Photographers and Olivia Pelaez- Staff Writer

April 19, 2016

On April 19, the class of 2016 excitedly ran out on the the field to enjoy a day full of sun, inflatables and delicious food. To the seniors, this long-awaited event was their last good-bye before graduation, and they all made sure to enjoy it as much as possible. The seniors started off their day with bagels and orange juice in the auditorium where they watched the movie "The Bucket List" and received water bottles with the Coral Gables High seal, another memorabilia of their time in high school. At 10 a.m., the seniors finally went out to the field in their swimsuits where they found tents and umbrellas to lay their towels under and take a break before going to the i...


Maria Estrada, Spanish Editor

March 29, 2016

Attention Seniors! If you purchased a ticket to attend Senior Picnic on April 6, 2016 please make sure that your name is included in the following list. No more payments will be accepted, we have reached maximum capacity!  ...

Senior Picnic: Un día al aire libre

Senior Picnic: Un día al aire libre

Maria Estrada, Spanish Editor

April 8, 2015

El 2 de abril, la clase del 2015 se reunió en el campo de fútbol de nuestra escuela donde tuvieron la oportunidad de disfrutar uno de los últimos eventos antes de su graduación, el "Senior Picnic". El evento se caracterizó por varias actividades al aire libre, aparatos inflables, deliciosa comida,...

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