Which NBA Superstar Will Take Home the League MVP Award?


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James Harden (Top Left), Kevin Durant (Bottom Left), Paul George (Top Right), and Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bottom Right), are the four frontrunners for the 2019 NBA MVP award, and each is more than equipped with all the tools necessary to even be considered for the honor.

Trey Riera-Gomez, Staff Writer

As the 2019 National Basketball Association season is approaching its end with the kickoff of the NBA playoffs several weeks ago, and several teams already having moved on to the second round, talk about who should be this year’s MVP, or most valuable player, has already begun.  As usual, this season has highlighted several key players throughout the league, who each led their team, putting up career-high numbers and wowing fans all around the nation. Yet the talk of MVP revolves around a select few, who have come to live in the spotlight and fame for their stellar and often unbelievable performances that seem to come night after night, game after game.

This year, only a handful out of the hundreds of players in total are even being held in consideration, and compose the short list of names of this year’s prospective MVP candidates.  At the top of this already short list are Rockets’ star guard James Harden, defending NBA champion Kevin Durant, Thunder forward Paul George, and beast-of-a-human Giannis Antetokounmpo. Below, a brief case for each of these front-runners will be made in their favor, explaining reasons as to why they are the best of the best.

James Harden: This season was one of historic proportions for Rockets shooting guard James Harden, who posted incredible stats throughout the entire season. Leading the league in scoring, Harden managed to put up nine 50+ point games this season, and ran off on a streak of scoring 30 or more points per game for 32 consecutive games, the second longest streak of this type in history. This enabled Harden to lead his team through the rough patches of mid-season struggles, which were made even more severe due to the injuries of teammates Clint Capela and Chris Paul. Thus, Harden’s managing to keep his team on the top of the board despite the loss of two star teammates solidifies his position as a remarkably deserving MVP candidate.

“I believe James Harden should be the 2018-2019 NBA MVP for many reasons. Harden was the leading scorer, had the most 30+ point games and led his team to being 2nd in the Western Conference. Harden was also an outstanding leader for his team throughout the time when there were several injured starting players,” senior Fresiano Correia said.

Kevin Durant: This candidate of the title “best player in the world” at the moment is undoubtedly a candidate in this year’s MVP race as well. One of the many stars on the seemingly invincible Golden State Warriors, Durant has dominated the court this season, averaging 26 points per game, and has helped lead his team into the playoffs as the number one seed in the Western Conference. Durant has also been revered for simply his knowledge of the game and skill in it, being one of the best true “basketball players”, different from one that simply plays basketball with intentions of “stat-padding”. Thus, his command of the game and impressive showcase this season keeps him atop the race for this year’s MVP.

Paul George: Another candidate near the top of the list is Paul George, Oklahoma City’s star forward. Despite having only been with the team a handful of years, George has fit right in, taking command of the team along with fellow superstar Russell Westbrook. During the first half of the year, George racked up stellar performances one after the other, enabling him to average 28 points per game along with an average of eight rebounds. His playing, similar to Kevin Durant’s, was also a major factor in his candidacy as, regardless of his statistics and numbers, his presence on the court is what makes him such a valuable player. However, despite his stellar performance this year, many may be overlooking him. During the second half of the year, he fell into the shadow of Westbrook, who went on to start a record streak of consecutive triple-doubles, which in itself was also a remarkable feat.

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I think Giannis should be MVP of the 2018-2019 NBA season because of his dominant presence on the floor, supported by outstanding stats, his and leading of the Bucks to be the number one team in the Eastern Conference.

— senior Matthew Wagner

Giannis Antetokounmpo: The likely front-runner for this year now that the regular season has concluded, Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo is by far the best player on his team, averaging nearly 28 points, 12 rebounds, and 6 assists per game, in addition to posting great stats in practically every category. Arguably one of the best all-around players in the league, his physical presence is not done justice by the mere recording of numerical statistics. This top-three scorer has led his team from dust to diamonds, taking them from a team that several years ago couldn’t make the playoffs, to the number one overall seed with the best record in the league. That being said, the Bucks would be next to nothing without him, and it is thus needless to say he is one of the top candidates in this year’s MVP race.

With these players the front-runners as of now, the world must let the system take its course, leaving fans and players alike waiting a few more weeks until after the playoffs to have this year’s MVP announced. For the time being, be sure to tune in to the NBA Playoffs where  Kevin Durant’s Warriors are in the midst of a series with James Harden’s Rockets and Giannis Antetokounmpo looks to take his team down the stretch in a series with the Boston Celtics.

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