Cavalier Baseball Wins Against South Miami

Natalia Rodriguez


Natalia Rodriguez

The Cavaliers claim victory against the South Miami Cobras.

Natalia Rodriguez, Staff Writer

After a rather rocky start to the season, the Cavalier baseball team was able to once again prove their determination and skill, claiming a 4-2 victory over the South Miami Cobras on Feb. 28. The game demonstrated the Cavaliers’ unending will to defend their home with all they have got.

“Overall, I’m pretty happy about our results last game. We were able to maintain a lead the whole time, and our team did pretty well. I think we could improve a little with our offense, but South Miami did make mistakes that we were able to take advantage of,” senior Daniel Enriquez said.

The game was off to a great start when Gables was able to take a one point lead in just the first inning. Through the second, third, and fourth innings, the Cavaliers successfully kept the Cobras at bay and maintained the 1-0 score. During the fifth inning, sophomore Ernest Denis reached first base, and not long afterwards, the bases were loaded. At the next at bat, Gables was able to bring all their runners home and scored three more points due to some fumbling for the ball at home plate by South Miami. The fifth inning concluded with a 4-0 score, furthering Gables’s lead. In the seventh inning, however, South Miami managed to score two points, but that just was not enough. The game ended with a well earned 4-2 score, Gables emerging victorious.

“I believe our team did fairly well defensively, our starter threw a complete game and was stellar all seven innings. Our offense, however, lacked momentum and our ability to score runs off of hits was not present. However, we capitalized on errors made by South Miami and were able to squeeze out the victory. We could improve with our offensive approach throughout the whole game and overall momentum involving offense,” junior Nicholas Jacks said.

The Cavaliers claimed their first win of the season against South Miami, and are determined to not let it be their last. The Cavaliers play the Coral Park Rams on March 7, at Coral Park and have high hopes for the rest of the season.