Game 5 Recap: San Antonio Takes the Title


Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

As Parker drives to the basket, Lewis attempts to block his shot.

Kelsy Pacheco, Sports Editor

The Heat suffered a devastating loss against the San Antonio Spurs during game 5 of the NBA finals; ending the game with a final score of 104-87. With this win, the Spurs won their fifth championship and turned the tables on the Heat as they lost 3 games in a row.

Lebron James had scored 31 points and got little help from his star teammates although Chris Bosh scored 13 points and Dwayne Wade scored 11 points.

Many things had to change in game 5 if the Heat wanted to win. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra had changed his starting line up and switched Mario Chalmers for Ray Allen. The change had worked at first, allowing the Heat to score the first eight points of the game. They opened up with a 22-6 lead but the Spurs caught up after making various three pointers. Catching up with the Heat, the Spurs had a four point difference which then changed ending the quarter 29-22.

“I think the Heat weren’t playing the best they could have. They tried very hard in the first quarter of the final game but ran out of energy and played mediocre the rest of the game,” sophomore Olivia Pelaez said.

During the second quarter everything changed. The Heat had trouble with their defense which allowed for the Spurs to score on the Heat. San Antonio then took a 7 point lead on Miami going into half time. Things didn’t get much better during the third quarter. The Heat only scored 18 points and still struggled with their defense while the Spurs’ offense was better than ever, putting them in the lead. The quarter ended 77-58. The fourth quarter came and things got a bit better for Miami. The Heat started off strong, cutting the lead to a mere 14 points. The Heat kept struggling with their defense allowing the Spurs to keep their lead and ending the game 104-87.

“I was cheering them[the Miami Heat] on from the start, they struggled during their games but they tried hard and that’s what got them all the way to the finals,” sophomore Jake Paz said.

Even though the Heat didn’t get the three-peat they were hoping for, they were able to get to the finals and got far. But there are rumors now spreading that Lebron, Wade, and Bosh might opt out and become free agents like Chris Andersen (aka Birdman) is doing.