Making Gables Healthy ft. Jamie Desrameaux

Emily Simon

Emily Simon, Staff Writer

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Jamie Desrameaux, mainly known to students as Ms. J, is the Health Corps coordinator here at Gables. She works to promote healthy living among students and staff through different channels, including the Health Corps club.

Q: What is your name and what is your job here at Gables?

A: My name is Jamie Desrameaux and I am the Health Corps coordinator here at Gables.

Q: How and when did you begin working at Gables?

A: I started last year and I was recruited by Health Corps, which is a non-profit, to work here at Gables.

Q: What is Health Corps?

A: Health Corps is a national non-profit and we work essentially to decrease the childhood obesity rate; so, the way that works is there are coordinators all over the nation who come into schools and we teach healthy lessons on nutrition, fitness and mental health. We also put on health fairs and clubs and other things to get students healthy, as well as our staff.

Q: Why is it important to our high school and its students?

A: It’s important because, honestly, the childhood obesity rate has skyrocketed and we have seen that, you know, most students have the education but they really just need that extra push and maybe someone to encourage them to do things each and every single day and just have fun with it. So, it’s really important because obviously health is the one thing that you’re going to have for the rest of your life. Your body is that one thing that you’re going to carry for the rest of your life with you so, we want to make sure that each and every person has those tools to be healthy.

Q: What initiatives does Health Corps hope to accomplish this year?

A: This year, we have some awesome things planned. We already have a water challenge going on this month with the staff and we also have Health Corps club which is going to get kicked off as well and they’ll be doing things all over the school. They’ll be working out together, cooking healthy meals together, and also we’ll be doing our annual health fair as well so there will be things going on all year that the students will be putting on themselves.

Q: Outside of life at Gables, do you have any hobbies or special interests?

A: Outside of life at Gables, I really like to work out so I try to and run and just honestly get some strength training in regularly. But I’m really passionate about mentoring students so if there’s any of you guys who really wanted a mentor and really wanted help going to college, that’s something I’m really passionate about.

Ms. J’s warm smile and health tips are always available for students at all times in the Main Office.

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