The Dome

Camilo Bacca

You can find The Dome on Miracle Mile. For more information, visit their website

Camilo Bacca, Staff Writer


The Dome is not your traditional restaurant. This trendy new hot-spot, located on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, offers a new, fresh take on Miami’s international fusion cuisine. This small eatery of only Latin American fusion is taking the lead on environmentally conscious food. This commitment has led them to become one of the few Silver LEED Certified Eco-friendly restuarants. Surprisingly, for such a small size, it packs a big punch. It really is the perfect place to meet up with friends and family to share a delicious, well-prepared meal and delectable drinks.

This small restaurant could be easily overlooked under most circumstances. It is not a very large establishment, and driving by it you could easily overlook it, yet once you are inside you can’t help, but feel at home. The service is kind, and friendly. The walls are adorned with colorful, vibrant artwork and the whole scene shimmers with energy. The tall ceilings and the bar make it feel open, despite its petite size. Inside, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. You can’t help, but want to show up with friends.

I hope everyone who comes to The Dome Restaurant will feel like they are a welcomed guest in my home and will remember the special moments they shared with friends, family, and colleagues while dining on delectable food and drinks,” said owner Rachel Dominguez on The Dome website.

And then comes the food. Chef Nilton Castillo is in charge of preparing the culinary delights. He has ample experience in the kitchen; for over a decade, he has worked at the The Bazaar in the SLS Hotel South Beach. He is also a Gables graduate. With access to their own local organic garden, most of the produce is at the peak of perfection.

The Dome has also been one of Coral Gables Senior High’s closest and most valuable partners. In February, The Dome united with the Coral Gables Senior High’s Culinary Program to hold the annual Gala Night. The fundraiser in partnership with The Dome and other south Florida organizations managed to raise 10,000 dollars; the money went to buying necessary equipment, paying for competitions, and to funding anything else that might be needed. In addition, The Dome’s “The Culinary Youth Project”  and Ready-to-Grow Gardens helped to create a garden at Gables, from which the Culinary Program gets much of its produce. The students cultivate everything from fresh greens to herbs, from carrots to plantains.

“I am so happy that I go to work with The Dome for Gala Night. Everyone there was so nice, and I learned so much. The restaurant is super nice, and it is really cool. It a place that people would really enjoy coming to eat there at. It is really nice, ” said senior Juan Mejia.

Overall, The Dome is a must-eat if you are in the Gables. It is a very welcoming, friendly space that is perfect for sharing a good meal with family, friends or that special someone. The small intimate restaurant has great food and great service, and you can eat happy knowing that your food is at the peak of perfection. The food, like the rest of the restaurant, is fresh and new.