Last Minute Gifts

Lane Morris, Editor

To all the holiday procrastinators, here is the ultimate cheat sheet for thoughtful last minute gifts.

Baked Goods: The way to everyone’s heart is through food. This is the perfect gift for any sweet tooth on your list. Baked treats will earn you major brownie points! Try old-fashioned Christmas cookies!

I think baked goods are an excellent holiday gift because when it comes to recipes, the possibilities are endless. It can also be a very personal gift because everyone has their own baking style”

— sophomore Ewan Hennessy

Picture Frame: A picture frame is a very personal gift that will last longer than brownies. In the frame insert a cute picture of the both of you together. Check out cute frames at Michael’s or Target!

I think a picture frame is a very sentimental gift because inside you can put a special time you both enjoyed; it marks a mile stone in your friendship.”

— junior Deylis Perez

Heifer International: Donate to Heifer International in the name of the recipient and help to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth. You donate animals to families in need so they can provide “both food and reliable income, as agricultural products such as milk, eggs and honey can be traded or sold at market.”

An I-Owe-You: Write a nice handwritten card and include an I-Owe-You. your I-Owe-You can be to take he/she out to lunch or to go bowling, your treat. This gift sets a date for you two to hang out and make new memories.

Good Luck!