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Ron DeSantis Intends to Stop COVID-19 Funds

Valentina Gomez
Sol Fernandez and Melanie Veldura are against Ron DeSantis’s claims about stopping COVID-19 vaccine funds.

Governor Ron DeSantis has made it clear that he intends to revoke funding for the Coronavirus vaccines if he is elected as President in 2024. This decision overlooks the devastating impact of the pandemic on this nation and the critical role these funds have played in helping Americans recover.

While the world continues to combat this deadly pandemic, it is crucial that the government prioritizes the health and safety of its citizens. Denying access to life-saving vaccines puts immunocompromised people at risk and undermines the scientific community’s advice and progress. It is imperative that we choose a leader who puts the well-being of our nation’s people first.

Since May, the end of the federal public health emergency, the U.S. government is no longer covering the cost of COVID-19 vaccines for most Americans. DeSantis’s announcement implies that the federal government should not have allocated over $30 billion towards COVID-19 vaccines because of supposed limited evidence of their effectiveness in preventing infection. This simply does not make sense. The funds are crucial in supporting state, local, and tribal governments during these unprecedented times, as COVID-19 outbreaks continue to occur and vaccines continue to save lives.

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“I feel like rather than stopping the coronavirus vaccine funds, the government should increase their efforts into getting this disease put away. These COVID funds are helping scientists research and find the cure for it. If DeSantis revokes the funds for COVID then I think that we might go back to online school. I believe stopping the distribution of vaccines will only lead to further negative consequences for the nation,” freshman Lea Perez said.

Vaccines are essential in safeguarding infants, children and adults from common diseases that could have caused serious harm or even death in the past. By providing protection against illnesses, they play a crucial role in preventing severe sickness or fatalities in children. Stopping funds would amplify anti-vaccination beliefs, which could lead to more illnesses. Other potentially catastrophic results include huge increases in hospitalization and even more casualties.

“If you think about the lives at stake here, there would be many. The funds help our government in many ways that reflect on the public. If the [COVID-19] funds stop, then the researchers would be of no use. I also think that there are still many victims of coronavirus out there, so if these funds are prevented by the hands of a possible elected president, then the people’s lives would be put at risk,” freshman John Gelety said.

Lack of funds for vaccines can therefore harm businesses, individuals and the economy. Prioritizing investments in businesses is necessary for a sustainable economy. Providing these necessary funds will ensure that these governments receive the support they need to navigate the impact of the outbreak and continue to provide essential services to their communities.

DeSantis claims he prioritized the economy by prematurely opening Florida and opposing mask mandates during the pandemic. Vaccinations offered by the government can have a significant impact on expanding businesses.  When employees are healthy, they are more productive and able to contribute to the growth and success of the company. Overall, government-provided vaccinations are an important investment in the health and productivity of employees and the success of businesses.

“I feel like they should keep funding [COVID-19] funds so people who are at most risk can still be vaccinated for COVID. I think they should continue to fund vaccines until the virus is fully gone,” sophomore Brooke Lawson said.

Ceasing COVID-19 funding is a serious risk to our future. The federal government must prioritize public health and ensure that adequate resources are dedicated to vaccine distribution. Americans should keep DeSantis’ statements and policies concerning the pandemic in mind when voting in the presidential election.

“The [COVID-19] pandemic caused suffering and disruption to our daily lives. I feel like as we continue to navigate our way through these unprecedented times, the progress made in developing [COVID-19] vaccines must continue. With many people still contracting the virus, it is essential that our government continues to work towards finding effective solutions. I also feel that although they had declared COVID to be over, it may be forgotten but it is most definitely not gone,” freshman Mia Chacin-Vera said.

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