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Putting An End to Parasocial Relationships: Doja Cat Redefines Fandoms

Joseph Abrahantes
Coming from humble beginnings, Doja Cat’s road to fame has certainly had its fair share of hardships. Recently, her rebrand has shocked fans across the world as she takes a more straightforward approach to her career.

In the ever-shifting landscape of the music industry, few artists have managed to capture the spotlight and stir the cultural pot quite like Doja Cat. From her humble beginnings as an enigmatic SoundCloud artist to her current status as a multi-faceted performer, Doja’s journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride – marked by triumphs, controversies and an evolving image that leaves fans both mesmerized and bewildered.

Starting her career as an unknown high school dropout, Doja frequently released and removed songs on SoundCloud. Her first permanent release, “So High”, struck the interest of Dr. Luke, who later signed her to Kemosabe Records. Although this initially caused the artist to gain traction, what truly gave Doja’s brand recognition was the release of her song “Mooo!”. The track quickly became an internet sensation and meme for its odd nature, giving the artist a huge push towards success.

“I remember so vividly when ‘Mooo!’ came out. I had no idea who Doja Cat was so it was definitely an interesting first impression. The song wasn’t good, it wasn’t meant to be, but it was everywhere. I couldn’t avoid it and soon enough it was stuck in my head,” freshman Nicholas Babilonia said.

With all her newfound fame, Doja Cat rapidly began producing albums, all the while collaborating with other artists. “Hot Pink” and “Planet Her”, Doja’s most popular albums featuring a variety of top artists, took over social media platforms and grew exponentially. That being said, Doja Cat’s career was certainly a bumpy one, filled with many scandals and attempted cancellations. The singer was called out various times for their use of derogatory terms towards LGBTQ identifying people, which they originally defended, but later apologized for. Issues with concerts and misunderstandings on online forums such as Twitter lead to increasing hate directed at Doja over the years.

“Doja definitely took on some serious conflict throughout her early career and there were times where I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep supporting her. Every couple of months new headlines about Doja were everywhere which I could only imagine was a low blow to her following. However, I strongly believe that we should separate the art from the artist in a sense, so I kept listening,” sophomore Sarah Fiallega said.

Ultimately, Doja Cat was able to persevere, maintaining her already established fanbase, but this did not stop her from initiating a rebrand. One of the latest revelations in the artists careers came in the form of a rebrand where Doja Cat took on a more alternative style ranging from her social media to her own wardrobe. On top of that, she adopted a more straightforward personality which left many fans shocked.

“The sort of rebrand Doja Cat went through with was absolutely noticeable. Everything from her attitude to her Instagram page had changed in some way or another. I didn’t really mind it though, after all I listen to her music, I don’t particularly care how she dresses or what hairstyle she chooses to wear,” sophomore Carmen Howell said.

As with any artist-fan relationship, this evolution has not been without its complexities. Recent times have seen Doja Cat grapple with a unique predicament: a connection with her admirers that seems to have taken an unexpected turn. Her hesitance to openly express love for her fanbase, while met with confusion, raises an intriguing question – is it essential for an artist to overtly proclaim their affection to maintain a thriving fan community?

“I could see how someone would call Doja disrespectful or ungrateful, but artists are often mistreated by their fans as well. Not caring to partake in that type of relationship with her fans is just a boundary that she’s setting in order to avoid those creepy and unruly fans that every artists experiences in their career,” sophomore Lola Jacques-Garcia said.

In an age where social media blurs the lines between public and private, Doja Cat’s guarded approach to overt fan declarations offers a refreshing perspective. While fans undoubtedly deserve appreciation, her hesitation to delve into parasocial relationships suggests a deeper consideration. By emphasizing the deep bond between artist and fan, rooted in the music’s messages, emotions and shared experiences, Doja Cat redefines the essence of fandom.

In a world dominated by virtual interactions, her stance reminds us that the authenticity of connections need not rely solely on public displays. The strength of the artist-fan relationship lies in the profound moments where music resonates deeply, reflecting a more meaningful and personal connection that transcends the digital realm. As Doja Cat navigates her path, her choice not to embrace para-social relationships challenges us to value the quieter, more substantive connections that the art itself can inspire.

About the Contributor
Joseph Abrahantes, CavsConnect Business Manager
Joseph Abrahantes, a sophomore in the International Baccalaureate program and second year member of CavsConnect, is excited to come back as the publication's Business Manager. Hoping to work in STEM in the future, Joseph plans to get more involved with the Science National Honor Society as well as Gables' Science, Engineering, Communication, Mathematics and Enrichment club to further his experience. Additionally, his love for biology has driven him to become a tutor with Gables’ Interact club. Joseph fuels his academic spirit with his 10 hour long playlist, ranging from Kendrick and Baby Keem to Doja Cat and SZA, whose songs he knows by heart.
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