Political Parties Argue Over Kavanaugh Controversy


Annabella Rivera

Pictured above is Brett Kavanaugh in his 2018 hearing that discussed allegations against him.

Annabella Rivera, Staff Writer

Since 2018, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of three different cases of sexual misconduct. These allegations have not only caused conflict with the American people, but this has been a particularly notable subject between the Republican and Democratic parties, so much so that the Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidency – such as Junior Senator Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas and former Housing Secretary Julián Castro – have taken this topic as a talking point, seeing as though they intend to impeach Kavanaugh if elected.

However, people both sides of the political aisle have shared their opinions regarding this situation. Frankly, what Republican leaders want for the most part is to make this situation go away. To them, this entire controversy is nothing but Democrats in their ear about impeaching Kavanaugh. The major issue with this is that Republicans takes the majority of congress’ seats, so the vote that their party wants is the vote that passes.

Democrats do not get a fair say in this situation at all, besides being pushed to the press and having the public on their side, which is ultimately useless seeing as though the public does not decide who gets impeached. Democratic candidates should not be criticized for speaking up because they have the right to voice their opinions to the public as they are currently the minorities of our governing bodies and want to be able to change that in the coming election with the help of the general public.

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I think that Kavanaugh should be taken out of office because someone who condones those actions should not be taking part in representing our country”

— Victoria Borja

Democratic candidates who are running for the presidency of 2020 are particularly passionate on this subject and they spark hope in citizens that they will be the change that this Republican-ruled government needs. What the candidates will generally do is adhere to social media to speak their opinion. Junior Senator Kamala Harris (Democrat) who is running for president had this to say: “Brett Kavanaugh lied to the U.S. Senate and most importantly to the American people. He was put on the court through a sham process and his place on the court is an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice. He must be impeached.”

Alongside her are Democratic candidates Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas and former Housing Secretary Julián Castro who have spoken out individually on this topic. Democratic candidates are taking this situation seriously and claiming to impeach Kavanaugh once elected. The public would love to see something of this range occur and it would be a much-needed wake up call for the Republicans in our government.

Democrats have an immense disadvantage in this situation. When the board that is hearing Kavanaugh is more Republican than Democrat, it is easy to get your point across but difficult to put it into effect. Democrats have an intense yearning for Kavanaugh’s impeachment, and they can and will propel his impeachment to its full potential to get a majority of the public to support their views on this subject and push for an investigation.

They have attempted to do all of these things, and have succeeded in getting public support and an FBI investigation. This investigation was limited to one sole week, where 40 witnesses had to be interviewed and they had to investigate three different cases from decades ago. This is what Republicans gave the FBI and Democrats, a one week investigation that eventually went nowhere, and it is an injustice from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party. Moreover, it is completely unfair to the investigators who were limited in not just time but in the examination of potential witnesses, as they were only being allowed to look into 10 out of the 40 witnesses. As a result of the injustice of this system, candidates should not be penalized for pushing to impeach Kavanaugh.

Republicans tend to disregard the accusations and do not take this seriously in the slightest. They wave off every claim that comes up and try to debunk them, to the point where they have convinced themselves that Kavanaugh is being attacked by these “false” accusations being made against him.

However, in a situation like this, where sexual misconduct has taken place, the victims and allegations cannot simply be ignored or put off to the side. While that is what they managed to do, the public will not stay quiet while this occurs. Republicans defend Kavanaugh to the end and ignore any Democrat that opposes that corrupt viewpoint.

The reason why they are nonchalant with the allegations is because they know that the public eye could be against everything they say and they will still manage to let Kavanaugh stay on the Supreme Court. They know their power and they use it to their advantage. Again, they used their power to limit the FBI investigation on Kavanaugh to one week. This type of behavior and control is completely unacceptable and unjust. No party should have that type of power, and the Democratic candidates took a step in the right direction by standing up against their near-tyrannic control.

“I think what Kavanaugh did was wrong and he should be impeached. I cannot believe that he is still in office,” freshman Melanie Venere said.

In summation, this dilemma shines a light on exactly how much power Democrats and the public have in congress and in impeachment processes. The majority of the citizens in the U.S. agree that Kavanaugh is not fit to hold a position on the Supreme Court board, but when we stand behind democratic beliefs and more Republicans are sitting in Congress than Democrats, how much of our voice is taken into consideration?

Essentially, a corruption of Congress occurred when Kavanaugh was voted into the Supreme Court by Republicans once again because of their biased point of view. This is a result of misjudgment and lack of civic engagement in our voting polls when we elect Congress officials. Presidential Candidates should not be criticized for advocating against this injustice because they are simply refusing to condone rape culture in our government in any way they can. Because of this, they give voters a sense of hope that these candidates can be the change in our government that does not overlook this type of behavior.

Republicans can push this situation to the side but the public will not ignore this incident, so when the elections come around, if you wish to see your views accurately represented in the coming years, cast a vote. If you are underage or are not a U.S. citizen, you can still volunteer for a campaign or advocate for the candidate of your choice. Taking part in the democratic process in any way possible can eliminate the behaviors that are serving as detriments to our nation.

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