Who Spiked the Candy?


Jake Paz

You can never be too careful on Halloween.

Robert DeDonatis, Staff Writer

This Halloween, multiple children in Holly Springs, North Carolina have reported finding needles embedded in their Halloween candy. This incident makes parents question the safety of Halloween due to the fact that their children are accepting candy from strangers who could have easily tampered with them.

Halloween, the only day when it's acceptable to receive candy from complete strangers.
Halloween, the only day of the year when it’s acceptable to receive candy from complete strangers.

“Yeah it’s bad and the people who do it are probably not the nicest, but when it comes down to it, you can’t really predict or control what other people do so you have to just hope for the best,” senior Alex Biondi said.

So far there have been two separate occurrences of foreign objects found in children’s candy in North Carolina and Philadelphia this Halloween. So far in North Carolina, there has been one case in which two boys both found needles hidden inside their Snickers bars. Currently authorities are trying to narrow down the range of possible houses that could have given out the dangerous candy. There are also some people out there who have been lacing their Halloween candy with  Marijuana, LSD and various other illegal drugs.

Caramel and chocolate aren't the only things that can be found in your Halloween goodies.
Caramel and chocolate aren’t the only things that can be found in your Halloween goodies.

“Of course it’s wrong to put dangerous things in candy, first of all what kind of person would do that, and why is it so easy to get away with it? Halloween should be a time of safety; not being scared if you’re going to get a little more than what you bargained for in your gummy bears,” sophomore Juliana Balladares said.

Needless to say there are some people with questionable mind sets out there who don’t seem to be fazed by putting innocent trick-or-treaters in danger. Some could say that Halloween in general is not the safest of holidays, as it condones children walking around at night going door to door and receiving candy from strangers.

A razor blade found hidden inside a Twix bar.
A razor blade found hidden inside a Twix bar.

Parents should try to be a little more aware of what their children are eating, and should make sure they there are no needles or drugs hidden inside their candy. When ever you go trick-or-treating always remember that a little bit of extra precaution can go a long way.