Pick Your Poison


James Burke

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist shaking hands after a long debate.

Robert Dedonatis, Staff Writer

During this year’s campaign for Florida governor, voters are, needless to say, less than pleased with their options. Neither Rick Scott nor Charlie Crist are strangers to the position of governor. With the constant propaganda revealing troublesome facts, Floridians are aware that both candidates have proven to be faulty leaders that should not be trusted with the power of running the state.

Rick Scott, a member of the Republican party, is the 45th and current governor of Florida. Scott alone has had many flaws in his gubernatorial career. One of his first major acts as governor was rejecting $2.3 billion in federal funding to develop a high speed-rail between Tampa and Orlando, which would have greatly reduced the travel time between the locations.

“Personally I do not like either of this year’s candidates, but if I had to choose between the two, I would pick Charlie Crist over Scott because I feel that he offers more for education and more for the community as a whole,” freshman Natalie Viglucci said.

Florida’s previous governor, Charlie Crist, started his career as a Republican. He became an independent after losing the 2010 election to a fellow Republican and is now currently a member of the Democratic Party. Since Crist sees no problem in switching parties multiple times, changing beliefs will most likely not be a problem either, which could mean big problems for when things do not go his way. He will keep on changing his perspective and thoughts until he succeeds.  Crist received his fair share of criticism for his support of President Barack Obama’s fiscal policies, the stimulus package, capital punishment and gun rights. In 2008, he signed a provision that prevented employers from prohibiting their employees from bringing firearms to the workplace, as long as the weapons were secure and individuals maintained a concealed carry license.

Despite some of their obvious flaws, both Scott and Crist have done some positive things. Scott announced a plan to encourage students to pursue majors in engineering and science by reducing some types of tuition. Although he had supported it earlier as a Republican and Independent, Crist recently announced that he wants to lift the United States embargo against Cuba since he believes it has not helped in changing the Cuban government.

“I think that neither of the candidates are a good choice to lead the state, but throughout their careers – not just as governors – they have really benefited the community. They might not be the best, but they have their moments,” junior Christian Molina said.

Ultimately, both of the candidates do have a proven track record that is not so spectacular in the eyes of most Florida citizens. With Crist and Scott dueling it out for the top state government position, Florida is anxiously waiting to see which of its two not-so-great candidates will come out on top.