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Friction is Not Stopping the Cavaliers from Zooming through Busch Gardens

Juniors from all academies paid for a long lasting trip with their friends.
Emma Rivera
Scouting the park, juniors filled their class field trip with plenty of selfies.

Eager to relax before the long weekend, the class of 2025 offered its annual class field trip to Busch Gardens, taking dozens of juniors to Tampa Bay, Fla. Each Cavalier was thrilled to form memories with their closest friends and potentially take a few risks on rollercoasters of great caliber.

The junior representatives working for Student Activities have chosen Busch Gardens as their excursion for many years in the past. Sticking to tradition, the class of 2025 did no different, opening an interest form in early October.

After the out-of state-college tour, the junior board immediately began working on this project. Behind the scenes, they coordinated with transportation services to obtain buses for the trip. In addition, the cost was being narrowed down, which ended up being $149 per junior.

The deadline to pay was Oct. 12 in which juniors rushed to pay their dues on time.

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“We opened two buses exactly because there was a lot of interest. The interest form itself, many people filled it out really quickly…eager to go. We heard a lot of juniors complaining they didn’t get to pay on time. So, we decided to open a second bus [in order for] more juniors to enjoy their class trip,” class president Tiffany Beh said.

The field trip was set for Nov. 9. A meeting was held in Room 3132, a few days prior, to allow juniors to pick their bus before departing to the west coast of Florida. Ms. Monzon, supervisor for the trip and class of 2025 sponsor, laid out ground rules and her dos and don’ts.

Recording their adventures during a long day, juniors Aaron Rojas-Avila and Jared Muñoz pose right next to a snack booth. (Courtesy of Aaron Rojas-Avila)

Two buses left Coral Gables Senior High School with high spirits, between 4:15 and 4:30 a.m on Nov. 9. The Cavaliers made a rest stop halfway in between to munch on bagels and refreshments.

“I went to Busch Gardens to have a good time with my friends and to ride all the rollercoasters because of how impressive they looked on paper. It was a great experience with my friends, and I had a better experience with rollercoasters. One thing that I didn’t plan to do, but I also enjoyed a lot, was looking at all of the animals in the zoo section of Busch Gardens,” junior Sebastian Biurrarena said.

Gables students dispersed around the park to avoid the unbearable lines for popular attractions like “Iron Gwazi” and “Tigris”. There were multiple roller coasters that juniors wanted to visit. Other sections in the park included the zoo portion which exhibited Florida’s unique species.

“It was a great experience. My friends and I went on every single rollercoaster…Favorite ride was definitely Iron Gwazi…There were thrilling turns and a 90 degree drop,” junior Justin Luis said.

For the third consecutive year, the class of 2025 organized its annual field trip to unite the student body through fun excursions like this one. As the juniors move on to become seniors, this class anticipates Grad Bash for the time being.

“My outlook on Busch Gardens was a good one. We had lots of fun and the lines were short due to arriving early… Yes, I will be attending Grad Bash to have a blast with my friends,” junior Javier de la Calle said.

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