New Building Coming Soon to Gables


Building 6 will be one of the sites to receive renovations.

As a result of a new $11.2 million grant awarded to the school by the city of Coral Gables, the school administration will be overseeing extensive renovations, including the demolition and rebuilding of buildings 6 and 7. After those buildings are reconstructed, repairs to buildings 1, 2, 3 and 4 will take place where needed.

Building 6, home to most of the Academy of Finance and business classes, will be demolished and rebuilt.

The first measure in the multi-step renovation plan will be to relocate the chiller plant and electrical vault currently located in building 7, which provide air conditioning and heating for the entire school, to allow for the school to maintain power and air conditioning during the demolition.

Then, starting in early 2019, activities taking place in buildings 6 and 7, including business classes, JROTC and Gablettes, will be relocated while construction on a new two-story building begins. Following the installation of the new building, repairs to other buildings and classrooms will be made accordingly.

Building 7 was one of the buildings standing when Coral Gables Senior High first opened its doors in 1950.

The plans for the new building were first revealed at a General Obligation Bond (GOB) Town Hall meeting on Mar. 22. Many students, teachers, parents and administrators were present; Also present were school board member Mari Tere Rojas and Superintendent Alberto Carvalho. This powerpoint, containing the timeline for the renovations and projections of what the finished project would look like, was presented at the meeting.

The primary sections being renovated are those which have stood since the school first opened in 1950. Although the campus has grown since then with the addition of the three-story building 9, buildings 1-6 have served the community for almost 70 years and have been in need of major repairs for quite some time.

“I think rebuilding buildings 6 and 7 is necessary not only for the aesthetic of the school, but for student’s safety. The bathrooms there are extremely dirty and old and the ceilings inside classrooms are always falling apart,” sophomore Mark Campos said.

Construction on this area of Coral Gables High School is expected to begin in early 2019.

When completed, the renovated building is expected to be a great new asset to Cavalier students and teachers. Newer buildings give off a nicer first impression of Gables to prospective students and also play a role in promoting school spirit.

“It’s beneficial to the school because it will make the campus much nicer. It will especially help the incoming freshman and kids that come to Gables in the future,” freshman Madeline Cohen said.

Although these plans do require students to be displaced for a short amount of time, school board officials remain confident that arrangements will be made to accommodate these students without compromising their learning environment.

Project organizers expect it to be completed by 2020, although the timeline will likely become more detailed after an additional budget hearing takes place this September.