Senior Baseball Players Sign with Colleges

On Nov. 18, nine seniors on the Varsity baseball team sat down in the library to sign with their corresponding colleges. These seniors have put in time and dedication on the field and in their studies to achieve the goal of a lifetime.

The celebration started off with a couple of words from Principal Adolfo Costa. He gave the floor to Coach Philip Wisser who presented his speech, congratulating the boys for all of their hard work. The players then went up individually and said a few ‘thank you’s’ to their families and to the coaching staff. To finally make it official, the players all signed their papers. The players chosen for Division I colleges were signed last week, those that were chosen for Division II colleges signed their actual papers at the event and those that signed with junior colleges (Juco) will sign in January.

“Signing was unrealistic. Going to UM was a dream. When signing those papers, it didn’t really hit me, not until the signing ceremony. It really hit me then, that I was going to get my college paid for and play baseball at the college level. All the hard work and dedication has paid off,” senior Andrew Cabezas said.

The players that signed to Division I schools are: Elih Marrero to Mississippi State, Coco Montes to University of South Florida, Andrew Cabezas to University of Miami and Jose Padron to Jackson State University. Those signed to Division II schools are: Franky Montesino and Anthony Valdes to Stillman College. Those who signed to a junior college are: Raymond Gonzalez to Palm Beach State College, Ronaldo Rodriguez to Broward College and Carlos Perez to ASA College.

“These scholarships that we’re signing today and those that we will continue to sign, are a testament to the hard work and dedication that not only [Coach Wisser], but also his assistant coaches, give on a day to day basis,” Principal Adolfo Costa said.

As of now, only 9 out of the 15 seniors on the team are signed. With the help and support of Coach Wisser, the remaining seniors are giving their all and striving to achieve their ultimate goal: playing college baseball.