As Far as Traditions Go: Homecoming 2014

On Sept. 27, about 200 students danced under the lights at Homecoming 2014! Everyone elegantly gathered around at 8 p.m. in The Student Activities Center at UM, which grandiosely overlooked a large lake.

After long days of planning this anticipated event, Student Council and Student Activities members finally put together the final touches to emphasize this year’s theme. The idea was to bring back the true meaning of a traditional homecoming: football and Gables spirit. Football helmets, cheerleader uniforms and yearbooks from way back were used either as centerpieces or stand up decorations, making the night seem endlessly spirited. They exemplified what a traditional homecoming is all about.

“Setting up was fun. The traditional theme was great and I enjoyed helping setup because we all worked together to make homecoming a good experience for everyone,” senior Meghan Ballard said.

Food, everyone’s favorite, was laid out on platters that Student Activities members served. The delicious delights included everything from pastelitos to Misha’s cupcakes. Those who manned the drink table served the guests water and Sparkling Ice drinks.

“The food was absolutely mouth-watering. I loved the empanadas and the Misha’s Cupcakes. I even went for seconds,” sophomore Jonathan De Armas said.

Throughout the entire night, the music kept everyone glued to the dance floor! The DJ made sure to play the latest hits, as well as a few throwback songs. Some Latin style was also mixed into the night; dates came together to dance salsa and merengue.

“I’m not a good dancer, but everyone was having a great time out there so I gave it a chance and ended up having an amazing night,” junior Sophie Castro said.

Although there was no Homecoming Court this year, the traditional theme was still infused in all aspects. Students were seen taking countless pictures with their friends and dancing their hearts out.