Coming Soon to an Auditorium Near You

The sixth annual Mr. Coral Gables Pageant is off to a great start. This year’s contestants have completed the application process, have been selected and begun training for the fundraiser.

Mrs. Suarez, the Student Activities Director, brought the idea from other schools to hold a male beauty pageant, and from thus came the first Mr. Coral Gables fundraiser. Five years later, the Mr. Coral Gables Pageant has become one of the most anticipated events of the year. Teachers, faculty, students, parents, and friends gather to watch the representatives for the different clubs and sports show off their charm, good looks, and talents. 

Traditionally, this year’s male pageant will be judged by former Gables’ students who will in the end make the decision on who our next Mr. Coral Gables winner will be.

The pageant will be held on December 17th  in the school’s auditorium, and  the chosen gentlemen have already begun their first training for the opening number. The contestants range from Mr. French to Mr. Blood Drive and Mr. Football to Mr. Drama. Guided by a number of Gablettes and Ms. Mo Marmesh, the boys have quickly picked up on the dance steps.

In the dance room, a feeling of companionship has been established between the contestants, but still the sense of competition in the room cannot be ignored.

Mr. Italian, senior Francesco Sautto said, “I feel honored to stand among my fellow contestants in the journey to represent our Cavaliers. Not even one day into dance rehearsals and I can already feel a connection growing between each and every one of us.”

Ms. Mo Marmesh is spearheading the preparations this year. With the help of her trusted Gablettes, they are prepared to whip the boys into shape.

Ms. Mo said, “I didn’t know as many as I knew last year, but I was really excited. In our first practice, they got that dance faster than last year’s contestants and there is more of them. There was a nice balance of good energy and good focus.”

Going into the competition, the boys have a predetermined score based on a number of questions they are asked prior to the competition. This year a change has been made; contestants are to video record their talent before the show. This video will be approved by Ms. Marmesh and the school’s Activities Director, Ms. Suarez.

Last year’s Mr. Coral Gables’ contestants opening act was themed firemen, while this year, the boys are said to perform the opening dance with the theme of doctors. The opening act will be followed by the anticipated swimsuit portion, where all the men get to show off their signature catwalk as they model on stage in their selected swimsuit.

Only the top 10 boys will advance onto the next round. Last pageant, the unsatisfied crowd roared Ryan Francis’ name and demanded that there be 11 finalists. This was a first in Gables history, and the judges were forced to make an exception to please the crowd resulting in 11 semifinalists. Next, like a Floridian version of X-Factor, the men of the pageant showed of their talents. Acts in the past have ranged from singing and dancing to cross-dressing.

Each contestant attempts to swoon and amaze the audience with their selected skill. All the performances are new and unique to each individual; this highlights the distinct personalities of each contestant. Votes are based on the crowd’s reaction to the contestants;  of the group, the top 5 are selected.  In the end, the moment of truth, the winners are announced: Mr. Congeniality, the first and second runner-ups, and lastly the new Mr. Coral Gables.

For some of the boys, it is the highlight of their high school years. During the process of the show the boys get to bond together and make memories that they surely will never forget.

Mr. French, senior Evan Opland said, “Right now, we’re in the beginning stages of the competition, but I can already tell it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’ve know some of the contestants my whole life, and to me, Mr. CG is kind of a goodbye in a sense. It’s a remembrance of our senior year; win or lose, we form the larger mosaic, that is, Gables. I think that notion will become more apparent as the competition draws nearer.”

This year the contestants are sure to bring on the competition in order to be on their way to becoming the next Mr. Coral Gables.