Senior Picnic Marks the Beginning of the End of High School for Class of 2013



No pierdas la oportunidad de divertirte con tus compañeros de clases en el Senior Picnic.

The highly anticipated senior event finally arrived on March first. By 8:00 a.m, seven buses were lined up ready to transport seniors to the annually held Senior Picnic that took place in Dodge City Amusements. Although it was unlike previous years due to the cold weather, seniors managed to push that aside and enjoy their day to its fullest.

“It was really cold but I wasn’t discouraged. Everyone was interacting and there were a lot of games and activities that kept us moving and warmed us up. It’s a memory I’ll always cherish from senior year,” senior Sofia Monestier said in a comment about the trip.

Before departing, seniors were divided and directed onto buses by chosen underclassmen that were also in charge of taking roll and checking for senior IDs.

When Senior Class President, Gabriella Gonzalez, was asked how long it took to plan out the picnic she said, “The details were planned out democratically amongst the officers. We took into consideration last year’s activities and details and we wanted to make sure our picnic was upgraded. It took longer than usual because we needed to find a whole new location. But once we found our spot, everything else fell into place.”

Once they arrived, seniors were free to participate in any of the fun-filled activities that were set up. Activities varied from inflatable obstacle courses, to jousting, to playing football, or just simply participating in the games that were held.

“My favorite part was the water balloon fight. It brought back memories of my early childhood and it was fun to hit your friends while watching all the balloons fly through the air. I was very pleased with the picnic; the cold air didn’t even matter,” senior Victor Marquez-Rivera said.

For senior Daniel Funnen the cold air wasn’t a worry. He was more concerned with whether or not he was going to have a good time. The day prior to the picnic during his Volleyball practice Funnen sprained his ankle and was given crutches. “I admit I was worried, but I was still able to have fun because despite being on crutches I was still able to socialize with all of my friends in one large group. This will probably be one of the last times this happens because everyone will be leaving for different colleges soon. I’m excited to move on, but still scared.” Funnen said.

Lunch was provided for all seniors, underclassmen volunteers, and teachers. Their meal consisted of hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, and cookies. At about 1:30 p.m, it was time for the seniors to once again board their buses to head back to school. However, before doing so they gathered around the DJ (John Bryant) to dance to The Harlem Shake.

“Being part of such a great class has made me proud of who I am graduating with. The picnic was nothing more or nothing less than I expected. It was an amazing experience because our class officers did a great job with the whole thing. Regardless of the weather, it was a perfect day and I enjoyed my very own class of 2013!” senior Darlin Lorenzo said.