A True Cavalier


Junior Natalie Nardo graduates with the Class of 2014.

Patricia Passwaters, Editor in Chief

Natalie Nardo isn’t your typical student at Coral Gables High School. Although this is her third year in Gables, it is also her last. In the beginning of her junior year, Nardo had one goal in mind:complete all her junior and senior courses to graduate with the class of 2014.

“When summer was over and August came around, I spoke to Ms. Del Castillo to see how I can complete all the required courses I had left. I felt that by graduating early I can avoid taking elective courses that I don’t really need and get one step ahead of the game,” Nardo said.

As a freshman, Nardo entered Gables with the stereotypical expectations of finding her high school sweetheart, making a lot of friends, and being part of the cheerleading team. However, it wasn’t long before she realized that these expectations would not be met.

“My experience at Gables has not been what I expected it to be because I was constantly using unrealistic movies as my guide. I quickly learned that those are all things that never really happen, however, just because it has not been what I expected it to be, it doesn’t mean that I am not happy. My experiences have turned out to be more memorable than I anticipated,” Nardo said.

In spite of having a lot of academic coursework to complete, and in spite of her expectations, Nardo has also been part of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) for two years. During her sophomore year she was a cadet, but quickly moved up to a small elite group her junior year.

“I never would have imagined being in JROTC because I am so girly, but being part of this family has taught me how significant leadership and team working qualities are.”

A strong believer in God’s plan for her, Nardo wouldn’t go back and change one thing.Being a Cavalier has not only taught her a lot about herself, but has allowed her to grow into the person she has become.

“I love Gables. Students who attend this school all feel that they are a part of one nation and that is the Cavalier nation. No matter where I go after I graduate I will always be a Cavalier.”