JCLC: JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge


Junior Laura Marquez was challenged by the many obstacles given at camp that put her leadership skills to the test.

On June 20 to 24, 14 JROTC cadets attended an annual leadership challenge camp located in Davie, FL. Along with hundreds of other students from different schools in Dade county. They lived outdoors for a week where they participated in aquatics training, map reading to locate different size grids, learned how to shoot pellet guns, and strengthen their teamwork by completing different obstacles.

The Wednesday they arrived served as an introduction day. The cadets were divided into three different groups called Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie and were assigned their camp mate for the remaining of the days. The purpose of the camp is to teach these students how to be a good leader once they return back to their school.

“This experience has helped me to learn a countless amount of things that I will incorporate into the new year ahead. From how to make quick, effective decisions to learning how to control and lead an element of about 105 cadets/students,” junior Joseph Lopez said.

However, the day’s weren’t only consisted of hard work and training they were also able to take a part in fun team building competitions like tug of war, volleyball, basketball, drill (marching), and spirit skit where they make funny yet motivating skits for the other groups.

The day before their departure, the camp holds an activity called Cadet of the Cycle. The top six cadets, chosen based on leadership qualites, must answer a multitude of questions in order to be known as the Cadet of the Cycle. Based on their answers, the top cadet is chosen to be the Batallion Commander of the entire camp. The runner up becomes the Adjutant which in this case is our very own Cadet Command Sergeant Major, Joseph Lopez.

When the time came for everyone to say their goodbyes it was a heartfelt moment. Tears were shed, numbers were exchanged and hugs were given. For many cadets it wasn’t their first time and definitly won’t be their last.

“This was my second year going to JCLC, I had an amazing time, I loved every second of it. It gave me the opportunity to meet some amazing people that I will never forget and now I get to see them at drill and raiders competition. I’m anxious to see what next years camp will bring, I can’t wait!” junior Laura Marquez said.