Senior Picnic 2022

Our annual Senior Picnic event took place after two years of being cancelled due to covid. The seniors begun their day by meeting in the auditorium to watch a movie followed by a breakfast organized by Ms. Camacho and Ms. Dalenbert with our culinary arts academy. Our Cavaliers then made their way to the field where different teams competed for the wacky olympics and tug-of-war. This years winner for the wacky olympics were the Gables All-Stars while the Goal Diggers took the trophy in the tug-of-war tournament. Thank you to all those who help organize this amazing and memory filled event.


The Gables All-Stars give one final chant after their win in the wacky olympics.

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  • Senior Hayden Hohman being pinned after his win in tug-of-war.

  • Team I Love Moms races in the obstacle course giving their best effort to stay connected.

  • Team Never in Class poses with their cones of ice while taking a break from the hot sun.

  • Team Never in Class showing great resilience and grit in their match of tug-of-war.

  • The Goal Diggers cheer after their victory in the tug-of-war tournament.

  • Ms. Van Wyk and Ms. Zuniga pose for the camera with big smiles.

  • Team Crew XI races a hula-hoop around their bodies while remaining locked in arms.

  • Senior Joaquin Breslin jumps in excitement after his team, the Gables All-stars, were announced the winners.

  • The Gables All-Stars show their winning pose after their victory in the wacky olympics.

  • The Goal Diggers hyping each other up before the championship game of the tug-of-war tournament.

  • Senior, Lester Perez, blowing up his balloon during the Balloon Race.

  • The Gables All-Stars give one final chant after their win in the wacky olympics.

  • Seniors Amanda perez and Andrea Bustos competing for best time, race to cross the finish-line during the two legged race.

  • Senior Arianna Boffil races with a balloon between her legs giving a great effort for her team.