Homecoming 2021


Students dancing under the chandelier.

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  • Students dancing under the chandelier.

  • Lawrence Stampino smiling at the camera as he gets ready to dance.

  • Maria Puyana smiling at her dance partner.

  • Maia Berthier inviting the photographer to dance with her.

  • Students getting in the mood of dancing.

  • Friends, Lea Bergeot and Vicky Mavarez, enjoying their last Homecoming.

  • Group of friends posing for their Homecoming picture.

  • Homecoming King and Queen take a break from dancing with their friends.

  • A group of seniors taking a second from dancing to take a picture.

  • A behind-the-scenes of Gables’ 2021 Homecoming.

  • Sneak peek into Gables first Homecoming after a year reprise.

  • Nataly Leiva proudly exiting the dance floor .

  • A dive into the dancing floor of Gables 2021 Homecoming.

  • Melissa Ventura and her friends smiling at the camera to capture their last Homecoming.