Cavalier Football Team Faces Major Lost Against Columbus Explorers

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  • The Cavaliers are in position to receive the kickoff.

  • Senior Defensive End Peter Huang lines up against the Columbus offensive line in hopes of gaining possession of the ball.

  • Captain Alexander Bell meets with the referees to flip the coin.

  • Junior Safety Darren McQueen Jr. lines up and tackles the oppositions return man.

  • The Defensive Line makes a move to shake off Columbus’ offensive line.

  • Freshman Quarterback Stestan Angelo tries to escape his opponent.

  • Junior Cornerback Mcmullen lines up to stop the Columbus Explorers from getting in the endzone.

  • Junior Defensive Linemen David Kuper huddles with his teammates to discuss their next move.

  • Juniors Terry Doctor Jr., Lamar Jones and Darren McQueen Jr. (pictured left to right) jog off the field after a successful defensive stop.