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Rosibel Garcia Receives QuestBridge to UChicago

Hardworking senior Rosibel Garcia is granted a spot at University of Chicago with financial support from Questbridge
Courtesy of Ms. Sanz
After years of hard work, Rosibel Garcia is granted a spot at the University of Chicago with help from QuestBridge.

In the rigorous world of a student in the International Baccalaureate program, standing out in a pool full of competitors in the hopes of being accepted into a top university is known to be strenuous. Senior Rosibel Garcia searched for more, wanting to move away to find new experiences all while making it a debt-free future. It was for these reasons that Garcia had the drive to successfully get a Questbridge scholarship to the University of Chicago.

Like for many students, stress can become overwhelming, especially when balancing academics and family life, which adds on extra responsibilities. Her mom being an immigrant, coming into the United States alone, raising two kids without any kind of support gave her the incentive to push forward.With the weight of her family on her shoulders, she made sure to do everything in her power to obtain a scholarship, so she could get into a good school and set up her future.

Garcia upholding her duties as president, instructing the class.

“When things got hard, like family problems or stress from working a job and in school, I always remembered that what I was doing was going to pay off. My mindset was that if I work hard, I will receive what I have worked hard off (whatever it was),” senior Rosibel Garcia said.

Garcia started working as soon as she was able to. She started at a Haagen Dazs serving ice cream. Garcia works around 25 to 30 hours a week. After two years, Garcia switched jobs in the search of a different type of environment, turning to a restaurant called Sovereign where you can find her there four to five hours a week. She worked to help pay bills and help with groceries, doing anything and everything to help her mom the best she could have.

” I feel like having a job has made me build my time management skills and minimize my procrastination. I am not a procrastinator, because I work and have to do homework ahead of time or study ahead of time, in [the] case [that] I work before the day of an exam. It is hard, but in my opinion, I feel more productive. The two week period between me leaving my old job and finding a new one, I was extremely bored and had way too much time on my hands,”  senior Rosibel Garcia said.

Quest Bridge Process


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When applying for Questbridge, Garcia had to write two essays and short answers, get two teacher recommendations, and information about her academics and financial background, along with a few other corks that were included. She signed the application and submited Sept. 26 and anticipated the best. In December, she found out the universities she matched with. She sent letters to other colleges like, Vanderbilt University, Rice University, the University of Pennsylvania and more. With a unweighted grade point average of 3.9 and a weighted of 5.2, Garcia had made sure to work hard on her academics to put herself in the best position possible for a scholarship.

In UChicago, Garcia will study to earn her chemistry degree so she can eventually be a pharmacist. Garcia chose this career because of the financial stability it will bring her. While at Coral Gables Senior high, she was able to explore her passion for teaching through the Future Educators of America club and the teaching academy, Garcia does not plan to major in teaching, but hopes to later on pursue it when an opportunity presents itself later on in life.

I wrote about my mentality. I wrote that when you work hard, you believe you can accomplish the impossible. You are a risk taker, and are not afraid to fail, [and] you will succeed. So when things got stressful or hard, I always reminded myself why I was doing it for: for my family, and for my future,

— senior Rosibel Garcia

“Teaching is what I have wanted to do forever, so if I ever get the opportunity to teach after what I plan to do with my career, I would do it without a moments thought,” senior Rosibel Garcia said.

Garcia is a great example of what being a diligent student with goals and ambitions is, persevering regarding the hard situations  life put her through. Garcia embodies Gables’ motto: “Dirigo”, Latin for “I lead”. Taking a hold of her bright future in her own hands, Garcia will accomplish greatness in Chicago and anywhere her journey takes her with her determination, commitment and courageousness.

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