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Welcome to Gables, Mr. Constant

Entering his first year, the newest teacher in the building brings a lens of excitement to his new students
Santiago Rodriguez
Mr. Constant explains the lesson of the day to his student during English 1. He is very involved and interactive with his students talking to them as equals.

On the first day of school, as students enter their classrooms to begin their first period of the day, one unfamiliar face brings out the many puzzled expressions of students. Becoming the youngest teacher at Gables, teaching both Inquiry Skills and English II, Mr. Kervens Constant opens his door for the first time. Having now spent eight weeks getting accustomed to the school campus, Mr. Constant awaits the wonder yet to come throughout the school year.

The journey of Mr. Constant began all the way back during his fifth-grade year attending Hubert O Sibley Elementary. Being taught by his first male teacher, who also taught English classes, Mr. Constant began appreciating the role of teachers. With his fifth-grade teacher displaying confidence and a friendly environment, Mr. Constant’s wandering mind left him with a feeling he had never experienced before. Asking himself questions of what if he had his personal class or how he could learn and adapt a variety of teaching skills, Mr. Constant’s enthusiasm for teaching was at an all-time high. Looking up to his teacher as an idol, Mr. Constant knew from that moment on that it was his passion to pursue that career following his teacher’s footsteps.

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“Mr. Constant is a hard-working individual, and it shows that he cares for his students through the work he gives. He’s also a caring person and lenient in the way he goes about things. Overall, he’s a genuine teacher, and [he] understands people, being someone who is easy to talk to,” freshman Jan Dave said.

With a set goal and a visible future, Mr. Constant kept his goal in mind throughout his following years as a student. Attending Florida International University, Mr. Constant majored in English Teaching and graduated in March 2023.

“When I arrived at college, I knew I had to work harder and have constant late nights. I had a sleep schedule of going to bed at 8:00 p.m. every day so that I wouldn’t have excessive work to help balance my sleep. I wanted to have an interactive job, and I felt like teaching was the one for me,” Mr. Constant said.

Entering Gables in August 2023, Mr. Constant also brings a different and more involved discipline system for his students. At the beginning of class, he asks the students the number of points they would like to select for the day with the options of 25, 50, 75 or 100. As each class chooses their number of points, Mr. Constant chooses one student per class for every day. If the student he picks for the day behaves, the class can earn the points they chose, with the consequences of slacking, resulting in the loss of points.

By the end of the week, if the class has negative points, Mr. Constant passes a quiz on their studies, but if the class reaches 200, they will receive a reward. By promoting the welfare of working hard for a reward, Mr. Constant’s students attempt to maintain good behavior throughout the day, not knowing who will get picked.

“Mr. Constant has a very different style of teaching. He has us try to figure out how to do the lesson then he teaches it, and after, we practice with a kahoot sometimes, [then, lecture is] followed by an assessment. While Mr. Constant is young, he uses it to his advantage. He is able to relate to us students better and allows for a little more freedom. When [he is] not teaching, he allows us to eat and listen to music for concentration and better class morale,” freshman Vivian Pritchett said.

Having just begun his first year at Gables, Mr. Constant has had an eruption of excitement in seeing school spirit throughout the halls. From the pink and red pep rallies to the football games, Gables has cultivated inviting experiences to not only involve students but also newcomers like Mr. Constant. As he embarks on his journey with his staff and students, he hopes to create memories that will last forever.

“Mr. Constant in my opinion is a humble teacher and always interacts with his students. He makes jokes while helping students with work. What sets Mr. Constant apart from other teachers is his age. He just graduated college and is already teaching high school classes. He is a great teacher and I know he will improve as a teacher in the future,” freshman Lucas Buch said.


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Santiago Rodriguez
Santiago Rodriguez, CavsConnect Staff Writer
Santiago Rodriguez is a current freshman entering the International Baccalaureate program here at Coral Gables Senior High. He hopes to pursue his interest in running by joining the Cross Country and Track and Field team. Despite his love for running, his biggest opponents are mosquitos. If you find him outdoors, bug spray is his best friend. He has big hopes for his future in Gables such as joining the National Honor Society, International Baccalaureate Honor Society, Science National Honor Society and possibly becoming Editor in Chief of CavsConnect. His favorite seasons are summer and fall for the many reasons of sports, weather and vacation. Wanting to continue to be a above average student, Santiago works harder, taking multiple Advanced Placement classes during high school. Hoping he has a great year at Gables, he is eager to be working in CavsConnect.
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