Defending every yard, both varsity Cavaliers and Cobras are challenged amongst each other in the second game of the season.
Defending every yard, both varsity Cavaliers and Cobras are challenged amongst each other in the second game of the season.
Gaby Blanco

Football Varsity Cavaliers Renew their Rivalry

Taking head on against South Miami, Gables came out victorious in a 36-6 final score

Two weeks had passed since the tough loss against American Senior High, but the spirits of the football Cavalier team remained unbroken. As they walked off the field that fateful day, their determination to never give up still shone brightly. The end of a good season was still their ultimate goal, and they refused to let one setback define their journey. Focusing on a strong mentality, both the players and coaches continued their rigorous training sessions in preparation for their upcoming second game against South Miami Senior High.

Taking over the field as part of the customary tradition, senior starting quarterback Andreus Rios (number 9), leads the varsity team onto the game. (Gaby Blanco)

“Our mindset was to play our positions and be aggressive. For offense, we made sure to try to be better alongside with our defense. We tried not to let one defeat get at us and instead look forward to the lessons learned on the field,” sophomore Alex Nuñez said.

Unlike their previous matches, it was a white-out game. As fans wore white to support their high school teams, anticipation built up on the varsity game on Sept. 7, under the blazing afternoon sun at Gables’ home field. Loading up their online purchased tickets, the suspense was rising off steam as fans waited to get in with the red wristbands that granted them entry into the event.

As the game kicked off at 3:30 p.m., both the Cavaliers and their opponents, the Cobras, locked face-to-face with their helmets. Taking valuable lessons from their previous encounters, the Cavalier tactics honed in as they played on offense. Initiating a sequence of testing out each player’s resilience, the first quarter saw Gables score two rushing touchdowns and two points, leaving the scoreboard at 14-0 as the quarter came to a close with junior wide receiver Zuri Winkfield catching the ball.

Scoring the first touchdown of many, Winkfield brings his arms up high as he catches the ball. (Gaby Blanco)

Determined to build on their first-quarter lead, the Cavaliers launched an offensive barrage that left the Cobras struggling to keep up. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the Cavaliers executed their plays with precision. The crowd roared with every yard gained on the field, and with a burst of energy, the Cobra defense broke allowing for a rushing touchdown and a successful kick to the goal post.

“The start of the game started a little slow. We [Cavaliers] ended up punting the ball, which helped South Miami go on a little run until our defense team was able to get a fumble and recover it. That fumble helped us get some momentum, which helped me score in the second quarter. That was also my first touchdown of the season which was awesome,” senior Ahmad Fambro said.

In an attempt to secure a running touchdown, senior wide receiver Ahmad Fambro launches himself amidst the scorching heat. (Gaby Blanco)

At half-time, many fans flocked to the right side of the field where a lemonade truck appeared. As spectators queued up at the concession stand, the aroma of freshly baked pretzels and the enticing tang of cold lemonade wafted through the air. The tantalizing scent teased the senses, promising a momentary escape from the heat and a burst of refreshment. Across the field, both teams began huddling over to discuss their future plays.

“I was so glad when I saw that lemonade truck pull up to the game because I was literally pleading with my friends for something to drink, and then out of nowhere, a lemonade truck appeared. We went over there and the pretzels and ice lemonade were so soothing for a perfect hot game.  The owner was also really nice and was patient with our order, and partly I’m glad he came to join and watch the game with our [Gables] school winning,” junior Stephanie Perez said.


Emerging from halftime, the Cavaliers maintained their intact lead at 23-0. Word of their dominance spread, drawing even more fans to witness the unfolding game. As the Cavaliers and Cobras got in their positions, and with the third quarter starting defensive lineman players, seniors John Saintcloud and Angel Obando tackled the opposing team on soaring intensity levels.

Calling out a touchdown in the third quarter, cornerback junior Evan Noval (number 21), raises his hands up in response. (Gaby Blanco)

Despite a continuous move of punting the ball back and forth from the blind tackles and surprising speed, the Cobra defense was unable to support the continuous defeat of territory, leading to a third Cavalier rushing touchdown, successfully scoring the ball with an extra point. In the dying minutes of the period, the Cobras rallied, making a valiant push toward the Cavaliers’ end zone. A breakthrough led to an opposing touchdown, but unable to gain an extra point due to the ball missing the post.

As the final quarter dawned, the Cavaliers were determined to leave an incredible mark on the game. With a commanding lead already in their grasp, they knew that one last triumphant touchdown would be the icing on the cake. That moment came when the Cavaliers sealed their victory with one last rushing touchdown, bringing their total to 36 points.

Shouting with dominance, senior defensive lineman Obando, demonstrates the adrenaline after a 36-6 win. (Gaby Blanco)

“This game made me jump up from my seat every time because every few minutes, one of our players scored a touchdown or heavily defended against South Miami. To be honest, I was not expecting this crazy type of score, and it really showed through in this game that the varsity team did train hard like they said,” junior Gabriela Rodriguez said.

While the scoreboard told a story of domination, the Cavaliers knew their strength lay in their unity and resilience. As they looked ahead to their next challenge against Coral Park Senior High, they were determined to continue proving themselves as a force unified by teamwork and an unbreakable spirit.


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