Embracing a New Season, Gables Takes on American Varsity Football

Playing with anticipation at the start of the season, the Cavaliers go against the Patriots with an unfortunate loss of 6-25
Eyeing every inch of the field, both the Cavaliers and the Patriots defend fiercely as the game reaches half-time.
Eyeing every inch of the field, both the Cavaliers and the Patriots defend fiercely as the game reaches half-time.
Gaby Blanco

As the scorching summer marked by heat temperatures waivers over Coral Gables Senior High, a blazing wave is through the air, igniting not just the sun, but also passion. With sweat dripping and determination burned bright, a rematch was in the face of challenges from memories of last season’s battle linger, with Gables winning 14-13 against American Senior High. 

Taking place in Gables’ home field, the varsity game was set on Friday, Aug. 26, at 3:30 p.m. With a long line stretching from the game and onto the parking lot, both students and families waited as fans got into the game. Filled with people cheering for the Cavaliers, many stood in hopes for the upcoming game on the field.

Moments before starting, the cheerleaders took to the court sporting their new uniforms and showing off their brand new good luck charm dolls they had promoted in the days leading up to the game. With the charm dolls, the cheerleading squad rallied the crowd with spirited chants like “C-A-V-S, we are the best!” and “Let’s go Gables, let’s go.” Setting a searing atmosphere, the cheerleaders and crowd’s enthusiasm were high as both varsity teams started positioning on the field.

Performing in celebrating Gables’ taking back the ball in the second quarter, the cheerleading team shows off in their new uniforms for the first game. (Gaby Blanco)

“With all the cheers and everything, you can see both teams showing their skills and not giving up, even against the other team and the scorching weather. The Cavs, facing the Patriots’ solid defense, they’re pushing ahead no matter what. The game was crazy close, and it just proves that challenges, whether from the other team or the weather, can end up being what helps you win eventually,” sophomore Alex Nuñez said.

As the opening quarter commenced, Cavaliers and Patriots alike played their tactical defensive maneuvers. The first half saw a relentless back-and-forth as the Cavaliers struggled, in vain, to penetrate American’s uncompromising defense. With the afternoon sun bearing down intensely, neither team conceded an inch of the hard-fought terrain. Despite valiant efforts, the Cavaliers faced difficulty advancing against their opponent’s staunch resistance with 0-6 by the end of the first quarter.

“Stepping onto the field, the heat hits you, and it’s like memories of past games just rush back. The Patriots’ defense is no joke, but our determination was unshaken. Every yard we gain is about teamwork, not just points on the board, and when we finally score that touchdown, it’s all about our determination,” sophomore Alex Nuñez said.

Attempting to get the ball in every possible way, both varsity opponents try to reach the football in determining scoring (Felipe Valdes)

With the second quarter underway, the Cavaliers seized momentum by intercepting a Patriots pass and maintaining control of the ball for much of the period. Within the final minute however, the Patriots secured possession and rushed for a touchdown that narrowly missed crossing the goal line. Dominating time of possession, the Cavaliers could not capitalize on points and the Patriots began to shift the tide late in the first half.

At halftime, the crowd descended from the bleachers to grab water bottles and escape the oppressive heat. On the sidelines, both teams huddled to strategize for the second half. The score remained tied in a defensive struggle, with every hard-earned yard fiercely contested. Regardless of the Cavaliers’ unyielding efforts, the Patriots defense stood strong. The crowd understood that the margin would stay extremely narrow, setting the stage for potential comebacks in a grueling offensive face-off.

“With all the cheers and everything, you can see both teams showing their skills and not giving up, even against the other team. Their pushing ahead no matter what. The game was crazy close in the first half, and it just proves that challenges they can still make something,” junior Katherine Barboza said.

Still packing a punch, the Cavalier varsity team continue to stay possession of the ball in the second half (Gaby Blanco)

With the second half starting and the score 0-12, both teams traded possessions as they sought to break the stalemate. Adopting fresh strategies from the break, the teams probed for weaknesses in each other’s defenses. Penetrating the Cavaliers’ secondary,  the Patriots scored a passing touchdown but missed the extra point.

“Just sitting here, watching the game unfold, that summer heat is all around. It’s like the heat is carrying all the excitement from the players and the crowd. The team, they are really giving it everything, more than just about winning or losing. You can feel their togetherness and spirit, regardless of the score,” junior Christopher Arriaza said.

Entering the final 15 minutes of the game, the team punted away with eight minutes to go, causing only mere minutes later for Patriots to score a rushing touchdown and make a point. In the dying moments of the game, a spark of triumph illuminated the field. An executed play of a passing touchdown within less than a minute led to a crucial six-point score for the Cavaliers.

After the final whistle, players shared insights garnered from the game’s challenges. The Cavalier varsity team proved that victory is not solely measured by the scoreboard. In the face of sweltering heat and a determined opponent, their unity, resilience and spirit shone through. As they move forward in the season going against Coral Park Senior High once again, they carry with them the experiences of this game; a powerful reminder that challenges, whether from the opposition or the elements, can be turned into stepping stones toward triumph.

“Chilling in the stands, the sun on your skin and all the energy on the field, the team is pouring their heart into it, even if the score isn’t in their favor. Seeing them not back down under the blazing sun, it’s the kind of thing you won’t forget. Those moments, they keep us pushing forward,” freshman Jake Segovia said.

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