Class of 2023 Comes Together for One Last Senior Send-Off



The Class of 2023 shows off their glamour and style on Senior Royalty Day.

Step right up, folks, and get ready to experience the excitement of Coral Gables Senior High’s Senior Spirit Week, where the Class of 2023 show their spirit like never before. This year’s Senior Spirit Week, held from April 3 to April 6, was a week-long event dedicated to honoring and celebrating the senior class and all the hard work they have put in throughout their high school years. Each day of the week was given varying themes including Senior Citizen Day, Hawaiian/Teacher Takeover Day, White-Out Day and Senior Royalty Day.

On the first day of Senior Spirit Week, seniors brushed the dust off their finest senior citizen attire, complete with gray hair wigs, nightgowns, walkers and canes. The pavilion transformed into a retirement home courtyard as seniors hobbled, hunched and shuffled around. Some seniors finished their appearance by adopting a gab characterized by grandparents. The atmosphere further developed when a group of elders set up a domino table during second lunch. The classic game for Cuban oldtimers brought nostalgia to many Cavaliers, bringing their spirits to the next level.

“I loved senior citizen day because everyone was dressed up, which made the whole day fun. Walking around and seeing friends that do sports walk extremely slow made me laugh the entire day,” senior Julio Bonjoch said.

Senior Armando Camejo took over IB Math teacher, Ms. Zuniga’s class and used free throws as part of the lesson. (Edgar Perez)

The second day of Senior Spirit Week was all about Hawaiian vibes and senior takeovers. The seniors came dressed for fun in the sun as they outfitted themselves with Hawaiian shirts and vibrantly colored leis, creating a tropical paradise in the school hallways. In a unique twist, some seniors took over their favorite teacher’s class, dressed and acted like the teacher to truly play the part. All seniors cooled down from the fittingly hot day with a cone of ice.

Day three of Senior Spirit Week was White-Out Day, where all the seniors coming to school dressed head-to-toe in white. The highlight of the day was the Senior Glow in the Dark Pep Rally, hosted in the auditorium during last block. The pep rally started off with an introduction by CavMan Armando Camejo and an amazing show by Gables’ very own cheerleaders. Following the show was a dance battle where ten students were blindfolded and tasked to dance pretending no one was watching for a winner to be chosenAfter the audience cheered to cast their votes, seniors Matthew Valdez and Kaylan Saintcloud came out victorious in a tie, showcasing the incredible talent of the class of 2023.

“I really tried to have the best time I could, along with giving the audience the best time they can possibly have. It’s a bittersweet moment because while it is the last time I’ll be in a pep rally, we are moving on and there is so much more to look forward to,” senior Armando Camejo said.

Freshman Rafael Hanono demonstrates his hula hooping skills as seniors cheer him on. (CavsTV)

For the rest of the event, students, teachers and staff came together to commemorate the diligence of the seniors. The Gablettes stole the spotlight as they took the stage, performing an interpretive dance with junior Jamar Howard. Teachers and staff then had their own blind dance battle fit with the music of their time, with physics teacher Mr. Del Valle being crowned the undisputed winner.

In the final game, students hula hooped for as long as they could. After displaying his impressive skills, CavBoy, freshman Rafael Hanono, took home the victory. To wrap up the day, all seniors were invited to a final dance party as the final pep rally of the year came to an end, forgetting the stress of academics to enjoy their final moments of high school together.

On the final day of Senior Spirit Week, the Class of 2023 rolled out the red carpet and filled the school hallways with glitz and glamor as the seniors brought out their finest outfits, fit for royalty. From silk dresses to dapper suits, the seniors brought “class” to the class as they strutted down the halls topped with their senior crowns. It was a day to celebrate the achievements of the senior class and the everlasting mark they have made on Gables.

“It is insane to think that this was my last high school spirit week. Over the years, spirit week has brought so much joy and laughter to my high school experience so getting to dress up and make all these fun memories with my classmates is something I’m missing already. It is truly surreal,” senior Ana Menendez said.

After a week filled with laughter, joy and unforgettable memories, Gables’ traditional Senior Spirit Week continues to stand as evidence of the undying Cavalier spirit. With this event, the Class of 2023 approaches the end of their high school career while leaving a lasting impression on the entire school community. Here is to a bright and successful journey ahead for our seniors.