Introducing our New School Counselor: Mrs. Kostovski


Mrs. Kostovski is our new counselor for the Academy of Design, Education, and Hospitality.

Lauren Gregorio, Opinion Editor

As the new school starts, all classes are now being conducted via various online platforms to ensure both teachers and students can remain safe during these strange circumstances. During these uncertain times, students are relying on school faculty to feel some sense of normalcy. With that comes the need to create innovative ways to effectively teach, engage and interact with students. One positive outcome was that Coral Gables Senior High has virtually welcomed new members to our beloved family, like the new counselor Mrs. Kostovski.

For years, Mrs. Kostovski has worked in the realm of school counseling, dedicating her time to ensuring students are ready for the years ahead. To begin, it must be understood how important the role of a school counselor is; not only do they play a key factor in ensuring your academic success but they also help to promote that all students do have a  judgement-free environment where they are free to speak their mind. Prior to the pandemic, counselor’s offices were always open for students to drop in on a daily basis. Now that we are all stuck at home, this will not be the case.

Mrs. Kostovski will be serving as the new counselor for the Academy of Design, Education and Hospitality for all grades. This program allows for students to be submerged into the world of knowledge, from learning about how to effectively run a full service pre-school to building skills in work management. This academy is incredibly unique and serves as a bridge between high school and real-life work situations. As a counselor, Mrs. Kostovski will help organize student’s schedules and ensure that they are prepared for anything.

An important role a counselor plays that many fail to recognize is their dedication to creating a good high school experience for their students in any way they can. She aspires to make a meaningful connection with the students to help them be successful academically and mentally.

“In addition to the responsibilities of helping students academically through high school classes and ensuring they have their graduation requirements, we are also here for the social-emotional aspect of counseling, talking to them through things that may have happened in their life and doing what’s right by them. Getting them ready for high school when they’re coming in as ninth-graders, then getting them ready for college, when they’re seniors and then everything in between is such a key component in our work as we are not only administrators but much more unique position,” Academy of Design, Education, and Hospitality counselor Mrs. Kostovski said.

Previously, Mrs. Kotovski worked at a small magnet school called the Center for International Education in Homestead for two years. It had a much smaller student body compared to Gables, but she is ready for the challenge that a school of about 3,000 students brings. In fact,  she conducted her school counseling internship for the beginning of her career at Gables so for some of the current faculty, she is a familiar face. One of her main goals for her first year here is getting to meet the students and building relationships to help them achieve their goals both during and afterhigh school.

With students at home and glued to a computer screen, it ultimately gets exhausting to maintain proactive when completing homework and extracurriculars. As of right now, no one has a definite plan as to when we will return to school in-person, thus having to remain at home and not getting that same connection with teachers is an incredibly large adjustment. Sometimes, it is vital for students just to have a small break so Mrs. Kotovski has devised a plan to allow students to speak with her if need be.

“Within my email signature, I have added my google number that they’ll be able to call. Additionally, I now have access to my page on the school’s website where I will be adding different resources for all the students. Luckily, I’m really like big on technology and the use of online platforms. I’ll be communicating with them through the google number or through zoom, where I can schedule meetings if students feel more comfortable. So if they do need to talk, they’ll know I am available for them throughout this whole situation,” New counselor Mrs. Kotovski said.

As the new year is among us, the Cavsconnect family is beyond thrilled to have Mrs. Kostovski on board. She is dedicated, helpful and resourceful with many more incredible qualities that fit in perfectly at our school. Always remember, Go Cavs!