Food Hybrids: The Best of Both Worlds

Why eat one food when you can eat two?

Mariam Ahumada

Why eat one food when you can eat two?

Alexander Yagoda, Staff Writer

In today’s society, there are loads of restaurants that boast “fusions,” like Cuban-Korean restaurants, which display foods made with Cuban and Korean flare. There are also a number of simple foods that can be prepared at home that blend not only different cultures, but different foods.

Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwich: A mix between a PB&J and Nutella sandwich.

To be clear, you can use any chocolate/hazelnut spread. To begin, get out your peanut butter and Nutella, and two slices of bread (preferably white bread, as it tastes the best and is beneficial to gut health). Slather one slice of bread in peanut butter, and on the other add Nutella. And that is it! You are done. However, for those who have peanut allergies, a possible substitute for peanut butter is sunflower seed butter, which is widely regarded as the closest alternative to peanut butter.

Chin up Buttercup
The peanut butter, Nutella sandwich: we’ve all tried it or have wanted to try it… that is except those with peanut allergies, of course.

“Food hybrids are interesting because they allow the blending of unique cultures,” freshman Joaquin Bierman said.

Turkey and Apple Butter Sandwich: A twist off of the old “ham and jam” sandwich.

This sandwich is just what it sounds like: Turkey (preferably deli turkey, as roasted turkey is much too dry), and Apple Butter. Apple butter is a spread similar in taste to applesauce, but with a consistency near soft butter (it is spread, not scooped). To make this sandwich, you will need two slices of bread, up to a quarter pound of turkey, apple butter, sliced mozzarella cheese and lettuce. First, you lay out the bread and spread plenty of apple butter on one slice of bread. Continue by layering the turkey and then placing the cheese and lettuce on top. Finish by adding the other slice of bread.

Recommended Beverage Pairing: This sandwich goes great with water and most juices, excluding grapefruit and orange.

“In my opinion, some food hybrids can get a little wild and have some strange flavors that ultimately don’t work out,” sophomore Adriana Obeso said.

GPB News
Ever had both a burger and pizza craving at the same time? Well know you can satisfy both!

Burgerizza: It is a hamburger with pizza as the bun.

This is a simple concept, but hard to execute by yourself. Rather than making the pizza and burger yourself, consider ordering a pizza and a Five Guys burger. However, if you want to go all the way, visit Food Network to learn how to make a pizza, and NY Times to learn how to grill a burger! Once you have your pizza and burger, continue by making your burger as you usually would (toppings and all), except that instead of using buns use two slices of pizza.

“Food hybrids might sound weird, but if it becomes popular enough for you to hear about it, then it must taste good!” junior Adriana Baumann said.

Nacho average lasagna
Nacho lasagna is perfect for those days when you have run out of pasta but still crave pasta goodness!

Nacho Lasagna: It’s pasta, but with nachos… sort of.

The word “nacho” is a bit misleading, as using nachos would be messy, and the nachos might char in the oven. So for those of us who prefer something less messy, switch out the nacho chips for tortillas! To begin, you will need 2 bags of corn tortillas, 32 oz shredded cheddar cheese 16 oz salsa, 12 oz pickled jalapeños, 16 oz sour cream, and 6 cups of chili. In a square pan, layer the ingredients as follows: chili, four tortillas, more chili, cheese, the jalapeños, four more tortillas, and more chili. Next, bake your lasagna in an oven for an hour at 325 degrees. Check out BuzzFeed for more information on this recipe.

Food hybrids: they may sound unappetizing at first, but who knows, you might just like them! So why not swap out that pasta with a tortilla, or burger buns with a slice of pizza? Plus, it is a great way to finally cross “trying new things” off your New Year’s resolutions list!