Florida PTA offers a minimum of four (4) scholarships, one each in the following categories: University, Fine Arts, Community College, and Vo-Tech, to a student graduating from a PTSA high school each year. This is a one-time (non-renewable) award of $2,000.00 and will be awarded to a worthy student who is interested in getting a start in life through higher education.

This award is specifically for a student who wishes to pursue their education at a University, Fine Arts School, Community College, or Vo-Tech.


  • Completed online application reflecting Florida residency.
  • Upload a copy of your 2022-2023 membership card for your Florida school’s PTA/PTSA or the Sunshine State PTSA.  Students must be a PTSA member as of 11:59 PM on Tuesday, February 21st. (Note: the PTA/PTSA must be in good standing as verified by the Scholarship committee).
  • Upload an unofficial Florida high school transcript with cumulative summary pages reflecting an unweighted high school grade point average of 3.0 or higher for University and Fine Arts, 2.5 or higher for Community College, and 2.0 or higher for Vo-Tech.  Top qualified candidates may be asked to mail an official Florida high school transcript with your school district seal in a sealed envelope at a later date.
  • Upload a copy of an official SAT and/or ACT scores report.
  • Upload two (2) letters of reference (one from school and one from the community).
  • Submit an essay:  How can PTA help support your community?  Please specify a challenge you face within your local school community and explain how PTA can address this challenge.