Venture Miami Scholarship

Established in 2021, Venture Miami is an office within the City of Miami focused on improving the City’s standard of living through the creation of jobs, support for innovation, increase in wealth, and overall improvement in the quality of life.


City of Miami resident for 3-consecutive years at time of application
o Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
o High school senior or recent graduate within last 4 years at time of application
▪ Must be a Pell Grant recipient determined by the Florida Student Aid FAFSA guidelines OR, for MiamiDade College students ONLY, have a household income less than 80% of the AMI for the City of Miami. *
Please check the Housing Income Limits on the City of Miami Website to see if you qualify.
▪ Received acceptance into a bachelor’s degree program in a defined science, technology, engineering, and
math (“STEM”) or a defined high-wage/demand occupation, currently nursing. †
▪ Complete the application submitted online by the deadline. No information will be accepted by email, mail or
fax. If an application is missing information or attachments, our offices will NOT inform the applicant.

More information is found in the document below!

Venture Miami Scholarship Guidelines