Seniors of Distinction: Class of 2022

After several rounds of deliberation, the Class of 2022’s Seniors of Distinction have been chosen. These 24 seniors are well-rounded students that emanate the values championed by Coral Gables Senior High and are considered true Cavaliers by the faculty and staff of Gables. In alphabetical order, these students are:

Andrade, Bernardo
Clethen, Kaylah
Delgado-Gonzalez, Romulo
Dorgil, Makela
Estrada, Melanie
Forbes, Thais
Hardie, Emma
Jackson, Ava
Johnson, Joshua
Kuper, David
Labrada, Hope
Leiva, Nataly
Londono, Ella
​​Martin-Jones, Kennedy
Mena, Rene
Mesa, Julian
Montigny, Etienne
Pinilla, Ana
Senel, Jasming
Stampino-Strain, Lawrence
Trochu, Eva
Weiner, Chase
Winston, Gregoire
Zaharia, Victor

Congratulations to all those selected!