Night Owl Cookies



Night Owl Cookies offers a warm box filled with mouthwatering cookies perfect for late night study sessions.

Sofia Bratt, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A

Have you ever had an extreme craving for food during the middle of the night, but there’s nothing in your house to eat nor any place open at that hour? This truly terrible problem leaves you unhappy and with a grumbling stomach.

Thanks to South Florida’s first late-night dessert delivery service known as Night Owl Cookies, founded by local college student Andrew Gonzalez, all of your late-night food worries will disappear! Gonzalez first came up with the idea when he was up late at night studying for exams and suddenly had an extreme craving for something sugary. He was disappointed to find that nothing was open to satisfy his sweet tooth. Ever since that day, he created Night Owl Cookies, which delivers warm, mouthwatering cookies right to your doorstep during the middle of the night!

Night Owl has come up with 25 delectable signature flavors, such as Sweet N’ Salty; a warm cookie mixed with chocolate chunks and a large amount of salted caramel and chopped pretzel. Finally, it is drizzled in caramel and topped with a baked pretzel. Their delicious flavors have been featured nationally and locally, in publications such as “Fox” and “The Miami Herald.”

Night by night, Night Owl Cookies are becoming even more popular and new flavors are being created in order to satisfy any kind of fixation that its growing fan base might demand. Skimming their instagram page: @nightowlcookieco will leave you hungry and wanting to order one instantly!

If you would like to enjoy one of these delicious cookies, simply visit their website at where you can find their contact information and discover the rest of their unique flavors.