Chairing is Caring: An Unconventional Guide to Chairs


Lenny Roque

Chairs are an integral part of society in modern times and as society has developed so has the innovation of chairs.

In prehistoric times, there were no chairs. This made life extremely mundane and painful. The comfortable sensation of sitting down in a chair after a long day’s work is one of the most gratifying feelings that a human can experience. As humans have evolved, so has the innovations of chairs. The following list compiles some of the greatest chairs in human history.

Booster Seat

The social studies department is home to the iconic artifacts of the Gables community. (Lenny Roque)

This is a limited-time chair that can only be fully taken advantage of at a young age. When going to a restaurant, they bestowed the privilege better than any Christmas gift of allowing you to sit in the booster seat. A booster seat is essentially an upgraded stool with a height advantage plus an arm and back rest. Now you are able to look people in the eye and in rare cases look down upon them which as a toddler fills them with a sense of responsibility. The second a toddler sits in the booster seat, they become a boss baby and have officially joined the big boy league.

“The booster seat is a great chair because it gives me a tactical advantage,” senior Andrea Sosa.


Before there were thrones, there were stools— in fact, they are so valuable that in Africa they use them instead of thrones and there is even a war of the golden stool. What makes a stool great is the height it gives to the individual utilizing it, giving the user a sense of power. In addition to the power trip stool users enjoy, they are also one of the few chairs that can be decorated. This allows them to become more precious than your average boring chair. At Coral Gables Senior High School, there are teachers who are aware of the value of stools, so much so that they went above and beyond to decorate their stools, making them an iconic artifact.

The pure focus of the young man results from the innate ability of the washing machine getting a load of his mind. (Lenny Roque)

Toilet Seat

This chair has several names: some people refer to it as the “thinking chair,” others as the “time chair.” The great thing about the toilet seat is not only do you expel all the toxins out of your body, but you also release all of the negative ideas. There is a reason why every occupation has bathroom breaks. Where else would all the spontaneous ideas come from if not the bathroom? Some people do the opposite of having bright ideas on this chair. The “time chair” has the great ability to make you spend hours on TikTok, or reading the back of the Febreeze bottle when you left your phone in your room.

“The toilet seat revolutionized the chair game. The world has changed with the ideas that came from people thinking on the toilet,” Mr DeArmas said.

The comfort and style of teacher chairs makes it one of the greatest perks of becoming a teacher. (Lenny Roque)

Washing Machine

This can be considered a recent chair because although washing machines have been around since the 20th century, their true potential has been discovered recently in the 21th century. It has turned from a home appliance into a technological seat. It is mesmerizing to see how the machine operates and cleans, but what is even more hypnotic is the comfort it offers. There are so many combinations that offer different experiences but once the right one is found it has the potential to get a load off the mind.

Teacher Chair

It is a universal fact that the school chairs suck. They are extremely uncomfortable, have no flexibility and most of the time have gum drooping down like a stalactite. So when a teacher lets you sit in their chair, it is heaven on earth. It is no wonder why most substitutes fall asleep in the teacher chair because the sensation is immersive and can be compared to being on a cloud because it is just as heavenly. This is the primary reason as to why students try so hard to be teacher’s pets. It is not for the better grades or special bond, it is for the teacher chair.