A Star is Born- Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Make a Dynamic Duo


Mark Snyder

The fourth remake of “A Star is Born” received stellar ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and large popularity all over the world.

Maia Berthier , Staff Writer

Release Date: Oct 5, 2018

Director: Bradley Cooper

Starring: Bradley Cooper (Jackson Maine), Lady Gaga (Ally), Sam Elliot (Bobby Maine), Andrew Dice Clay (Lorenzo), Anthony Ramos (Ramon), and Rafi Gavron (Rez Gavron).

MPAA Rating: R

Our Rating: A++

“A Star is Born” is the fourth remake of the 1937 classic film. The movie begins with Jackson Maine, a famous singer who is addicted to drugs and alcohol, attending a Drag Bar and seeing Ally, a woman dressed in Drag, sing “La Vie en Rose.” Maine loves her voice and sees the potential for a music career within her. As their relationship starts to develop, his battle with drugs and alcohol makes it difficult for them to start a life together. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga star as Jackson and Ally respectively, and their acting raises this movie to another level. The plot of this remake may be similar to the other versions of “A Star is Born,” but the actors in it along with the modern touch makes this film stand out from the rest.

“[A Star is Born] was really good. I thought that it accurately showed the difficulties that come with trying to become famous and staying famous. It also showed that substance abuse is a real issue and that many famous people don’t live a luxurious lifestyle as we all think. Bradley Cooper knew how to get into the headspace of a struggling alcoholic and was able to convey the pain and anger that someone going through that experiences,” freshman Alaiza Saavedra said.

This movie brought out my inner emotions, and judging by the tear-streaked faces of those around me, I was not the only one who was touched. Cooper, a critically-acclaimed actor, stepped out of his comfort zone to sing for the first time on screen. Playing the part of Jackson Maine, Cooper’s acting never faltered. Cooper directed the movie successfully while perfectly portraying one of the main characters. Gaga portrayed Ally, and since she is a professional singer her character’s life was not far from what she actually experienced at the beginning of her own career. Maine and Ally’s romance was heart-wrenching– the unconditional love they shared between each other was barricaded by the many obstacles of life. If you are under 18, you will not regret going to see this movie with a parent or relative who loves romance movies.

“This movie had me laughing, crying, and smiling in a matter of two hours. The script was amazing and the actors were even more outstanding. It was a breathtaking performance by all in it. Accompanying this movie was a gorgeous soundtrack which made the movie that much better. I loved this movie with all my heart and I can’t get it off my mind.” freshman Jana Faour said.

The powerful message of this movie touches many, and the reality of the music industry is portrayed well throughout the film. The relationship between Maine and Ally is pure love and casting Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga as the two main characters was a cinematic decision that earned the movie lots of recognition. I would recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys a quality film, as long as you are willing to cry in public.