Are you a ‘Sucker’ for the Jonas Brothers?

'Sucker' available for streaming on Spotify!
March 8, 2019

Single: “Sucker” Artist: Jonas Brothers Genre: Pop Release Date: March 1st, 2019 Our Rating: A The Jonas Brothers are back! It is almost as if we are back in the early 2000s when teenage girls...

Is It Time to Change Your Go-To Music App?

Music apps can enhance your music listening experience!
October 21, 2015

Having a varied selection of music is an essential for your phone. When it's time to plug in your headphones and play a song, head over to one of the many free music apps offered in the app store to...

Spotify Vs. Pandora

Spotify Vs. Pandora
August 4, 2014

Spotify and Pandora, music streaming programs, both offer great services to individuals nationwide. Although both have proven to be specially popular among teenagers, many people are unsure which one is...

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