Climate Change

The United Nations predict that there is only 11 years left to prevent irreversible damage from climate change.
November 27, 2020

For our whole lives we have been told about the negative effects of climate change and the consequences it has on Earth. The topic has unfortunately begun to lose its importance as more people are continuing...

The Climate Crisis: Pollution

November 24, 2020

Pollution is constantly affecting our quality of life, it operates mysteriously and is often not seen by the naked eye. At the rate we are going it is predicted that by 2030 there will be more plastic...

What is at Stake on November 3?

In the upcoming November election, there is more on the ballot than the individual candidates. Inform yourself on the issues to know where your vote goes.
October 14, 2020

During this upcoming election, there is more on the ballot than simply just the presidential candidates. With the severity of the ongoing pandemic, the Trump administration has shown an inadequate response....

Extreme Conditions: the Climate Crisis in the United States

As the world continues to battle COVID-19, climate change has not stopped and many are starting to suffer the consequences.
October 14, 2020

As the treacherous wildfires sweep through the western part of the United States and massive storms form all over the Atlantic Ocean, it is important to note that extreme weather is not normal and it is...

The Climate Crisis

Isabella Morales/ highlights
With severe environmental degradation rapidly increasing as a result of human actions, Earth's condition will only worsen if no measures are taken
October 5, 2020

With the climate crisis in the world considerably worsening, the time left to save the planet is gradually getting shorter. Record unstable temperatures, increased pollution and the degradation of aquatic...

Sustainable Alternatives for Everyday Items

Produce bags are a sustainable way to store food items and keep them fresh.
October 3, 2020

The term sustainability has grown in popularity throughout the 21st century and is now heard all over the news, social media and television. This may leave people wondering: what is sustainability exactly...

PSA: Pollution

September 15, 2020

The effects of pollution on our planet are extensive and affecting us all. This is real and it is happening right now. This video showcases the idea of change and what could continue to happen if we don't...

Students Take on Climate Change at Young Leaders Summit

The organizing team of Young Leaders Summit 2019 cheers in celebration of their hard work.
November 6, 2019

On Monday, Nov. 4, the second annual Young Leaders Summit was held at Pinecrest Gardens. The students that founded YLS (Coral Gables Senior High Alumni Nikita Leus-Oliva and William Breslin) passed the...

Amazon Rainforest: Why is it burning?

Man-made fires are damaging the Amazon Rainforest, but also affecting the enviornemnt on a global scale
The world’s largest, most diverse rainforest is being destroyed through a process called “queimada,” which can eventually intensify climate change 
October 11, 2019

Home to thousands of species and indigenous tribes, the Amazon Rainforest is burning at a record rate. The rainforest covers many South American countries, including the northwest region of Brazil, Ecuador,...

How Much Does Your Diet Affect Climate Change?

Meat consumption has a massive impact on climate change, and it is growing more and more evident by the day.
September 30, 2019

Whether it is chicken, beef or pork, meat is practically in every American meal, and in the past few years, a new wave of people have chosen to be pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan for a multitude of reasons....

A Clap of Thunberg: Climate Activism in Our Generation

16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg attends a climate change protest.
September 15, 2019

With the rising awareness of climate change and its impact on today's world, many people—especially young students—want to help slow its effects but are not sure how to do so. However, one young person...

Climate Change Solutions Lie In The Hands Of Individuals

With daily sustainable efforts from humans, we can change our future for the better.
September 8, 2019

Climate change has been one of the most significant global issues of today's day and age. Air pollution, water pollution, overuse of fossil fuels, deforestation, habitat and animal degradation are all...

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Climate Change