Cavaliers Go 2-1 in “Rivalry Week” Against Miami High


Gaby Blanco

Opposing sides jab at each other for a loose basketball.

The 2022-2023 winter sports season has consumed Coral Gables Senior High with three rivalry games taking place within the span of a week. Cavaliers all-around intended to uphold their alma mater through relentless school chants at Miami Senior High School.

Boys Soccer

Boasting to a 6-3 victory against Miami High last year, the Cavalier boys’ soccer team looked to take care of business with the Stingrays once more. Coming off their previous victory over Miami Edison Senior High School, the team faced a difficult task on Oct. 28.

Trained by Head Coach Fotso, the boys’ soccer team began their match at the Stingrays’ field with a strong mentality. Although they experienced some conflict, the players pushed through and got accustomed to the abnormal field conditions to play effectively. The Cavaliers played as a team and executed until Miami High scored their first goal leaving the score 1 to 0.

While the boys’ soccer team adjusted to field play, sophomore Sky Carrizo advances the ball downfield on Oct. 28. (Cavs TV)

“We started off slow when it came to the game, as we weren’t playing together and we were not used to playing at Miami High. The grass was not cut, so we were not used to passing in longer grass…Once we got used to it, we were locked in and able to start dominating,” junior Anthony Roles-Fotso said. 

With a breakthrough goal by junior Stefano Fernandini early in the first half, the boys were motivated to continue playing aggressively and score again. This goal proved to be the spark for the fire, as the Cavalier offense took over the game from that moment. Sophomore Sky Carrizo led the team with four goals, achieving a 5 to 2 triumph over their bitter rivals.

 Girls Soccer

Dribbling down the field, the Gables’ girls soccer team also faced the awaited rivalry with Miami High on Nov. 28 at 3:30 p.m. 

Lady Cavaliers’ soccer bursted onto the field, connecting passes and maintaining possession. The girls failed to stay accurate during the first half, resulting in only one goal by the Cavaliers. Nevertheless, senior Helena Macedo boosted her teammates, lifting her team with the 1-0 lead. 

Freshman Mia Wetzel, avoids the Stingray defense with hopes of scoring a goal. (Cavs TV)

“I felt good throughout the game and I thought we dominated most of the game. I don’t think they had a single shot on us,” senior Flavia Jiminez said.

A new addition to the varsity squad, freshman Paz Chico re-energized the Lady Cavaliers following halftime by scoring across from the right wing. Not long after, senior Flavia Jiminez successfully assisted freshman Prudence Truchot, who scored right away. The matchup approached a final score of 5-0, demonstrating how the Cavaliers dominated on both sides of the ball.

Varsity Boys Basketball

Miami High vs. Coral Gables basketball was the most anticipated game of the year because of the historical rivalry. Although falling short last year, the Cavaliers were destined to fulfill their desires and pull of a win on Nov. 30 at Miami High.

 The first quarter initially had both teams scoring one after the other. The crowd chanted “Let’s Go Gables” or “Let’s Go Stings” to establish their presence in the gymnasium.

Sophomore Nehemiah Daniels eyes the basket for a crucial free throw against Miami High. (Gabriela Blanco)

As the first quarter came to a close, the Cavaliers’ defense slowed down and a come-from-behind mentality was necessary to overcome the 21-8 scoreboard. The second quarter was plentiful in defense while the Cavaliers sought to regain some ground. By the end of the quarter, the score was 33-15 in favor of Miami High.

“We could have done better by being more focused on the game and not so much in the crowd… Moving forward we will remain focused and stay locked in on the game in order to win as a team,” sophomore Bruno Sanchez said.

Gables basketball did manage to stay even with the Stingrays, pushing on every single play. Despite a relentless effort, the Cavaliers fell short in a 34-59 defeat and will seek redemption against Mater Academy on Dec. 8.

Up against their formidable rivals, Gables’ passion showed itself on the field and court. Finishing 2-1 against Miami High, the Cavaliers continue to prepare for their upcoming showdowns in the 2022-2023 season.