Shining a Spotlight on Miami Sports: BTSBMiami


Ariana Alvarez

Alumni Daniel Toll has taken the time during this summer to create his very own website, “Beyond the Scoreboard: Miami”. BTSBMiami is a sports website that mainly focuses on football, baseball, and basketball. It will soon be filled with articles and podcasts all about Miami sports.

Ariana Alvarez, Staff Writer

The summer of 2020 has been a quiet one, lacking in excitement for most of us. A majority of students have been exploring new hobbies and interests to fill our time such as cooking, baking or even starting our own at home business. However, a Coral Gables High alumni of the class 2020 took this time to create his own website. Alumni Daniel Toll has been working extremely hard this summer designing and updating his new website. When Toll was a senior here at Gables, he could be found in the CavsConnect classroom working diligently in his position as Editor-in-Chief. With his experience and improvement in journalism while a part of CavsConnect, he was determined to start his own website when he graduated, naming it “Beyond the Scoreboard: Miami”.

BTSBMiami is a sports website that includes articles covering football, basketball and baseball at the professional and college level. Toll and his fellow writers have not only been covering NBA and MLB games, but they have also been covering games featuring the University of Miami, a local university which Toll will be attending in the fall.

“My favorite part of working on this project has definitely been the return of sports. Since the set-up and overall layout of the website took so long to prepare, being able to finally work on my first article felt like a great accomplishment, and every time I click ‘Publish’ that rush comes back to me,” alumni Daniel Toll said.

Daniel Toll’s staff includes junior Anthony Russo, the editor of the Sports section for CavsConnect, as well as juniors David Kuper and Alan Morffi, who are also both current Cavaliers. All of the BTSB staff write completely voluntarily and are driven by the pure passion for sports and writing. Toll hopes his staff will grow as he starts at UM and begins to meet more people and possibly potential writers.

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My favorite aspect of BTSB is the fact that it is just starting out and is set to be so different from the national coverage because finally there is something that focuses solely on Miami sports and gives the teams the attention they need and deserve.”

— junior David Kuper

“I love Miami football and it is cool that I have the opportunity to write for BTSB Miami. I am having a lot of fun with it and it is a really cool project,” junior Alan Morffi said.

Toll believes creating this website has been more of a “testament” towards CavsConnect. His passion for social media graphic design not come only from CavsConnect, but his skills in that area have been strengthened by his time working at the newspaper. Toll has always had a strong passion for sports; he was even the editor for the Sports section of CavcConnect before he became Editor-in-Chief. This website is his way of combining all of the things he love including writing, graphic design, and sports, especially Miami sports.

He is always looking for new volunteer writers who are interested in improving their writing skills or getting experience for college. He is not currently earning money for his website and therefore neither are his writers. However, he offers all of his writers his knowledge about writing and website design and has and will continue to teach his staff these skills. Toll has been working effortlessly to make his website the best that it could be and is improving it more and more everyday, and he looks forward to where his website will take him in the future.