Lead the Pack! Run Track!


Daniel Toll

Gables competes versus Miami Sunset Senior High School in the 4×400 relay.

Daniel Toll, Sports Editor

Track and Field is an ancient sport with a remarkable history and a unique origin. Centered around the skills of running, jumping and throwing, the name of this sport is derivative of the typical sports venue in which its events are held: a stadium with a field meant to host events that require jumping, enclosed by an oval track which features competitive short-distance, mid-distance and long-distance runners respectively.

Initially serving as an event of entertainment, track and field meets were held in conjunction with festivals and sports meets in the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece. Throughout the progression of history, the sport has gained an increasingly growing popularity and the track and field community has become a globally expansive network of athletes.

At Coral Gables Senior High School, track is a sport that invites all aspiring athletes to be a part of the team and vie for a competing spot at a meet with other schools. Although the official track and field season didn’t commence until mid-February, the team had begun its vigorous and intense practice schedule prior to winter break, preparing to reach peak athletic performance by the time the first meet was held on Feb. 14.

Under the leadership of Coach Carl Springer and Coach Michel Fotso, in addition to the aid provided by Coach Nia Simmons, who yearns to qualify for the Team USA Olympic sprinting team in 2020, the Gables track team has been left in experienced and knowledgeable hands.

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The Track team is a great team to join because the coaches make you put in so much effort and the team supports you no matter what. You really learn about self-improvement and that goals can be reached through hard work.”

— sophomore Jazielle Gamez

Despite having shorter practices, in terms of time, than the majority of the other sports at Gables, that is not to take away from the fact that the track team engages in an incredibly rigorous day-to-day workout regimen that adheres to not only personal improvement, but to the specific event that will be conducted by each athlete at an upcoming meet. Track practices, typically lasting around 1-2 hours after dismissal at 2:20 p.m., disseminate athletes into their respective athletic groups. Jumpers and throwers practice their own mechanics, techniques, and form separately, while sprinters race on the track and distance runners either train on the school track, run laps around the school campus, or take a two-way trip to the University of Miami and back. Embedded within this already demanding and dehydrating exercise schedule are two lifting days in which the team performs several strength and power building exercises at the school weight room.

“Being a part of track has really been a highlight of my year. The practices have really pushed my athletic ability and I have grown a lot as an athlete since I became part of the family,” sophomore Kamir Larin said.

As the month of March comes to a close, a few meets remain for the Track and Field team throughout April and May. With districts, regionals and state chamiponships approaching, make sure to wish the Track and Field team luck as they aim to run a strong finish to their season.