Cavaliers Lady Flag Football Team Loses Against Krop


Yeileny Lopez

Although Gables’s Flag Football team lost against Krop, the team is ready to go onto Districts.

Yeileny Lopez , Staff Writer

The Lady Cavs competed for the GMAC competition at the Gables football field on Wednesday, April 26. against Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High. This was the first game after a very successful regular season for the team. However, their luck and skills were not at play during the game, causing Gables to suffer their first loss of the season with a score of 13-0. The Lady Cavs tried to make multiple touchdowns, but Krop’s defense was just too strong. Throughout the game, the girls were able to pull some flags and had a couple of interceptions, but were unfortunately unable to make a touchdown.

“Yesterday’s game was severely humbling. We needed to lose in a game that didn’t count towards Districts to gather ourselves and win the important games the following week,” junior Gabriela Morales said.

Gables was prepared to put points up on the board, but sadly were too slow as Krop was already pulling their flags before they could make a move. In addition, Krop’s defensive team scored two touchdowns through interceptions. On the bright side, Gables’s defensive squad was still strong as they had 13 flag pulls. Isis Billings had two interceptions, five catches, two flag pulls, and two carries. Mabel Espinoza had two flag pulls, and one carry. Dayanna Ruiz and Yoeslyn each had two flag pulls.

“I honestly feel that our team made a lot of mistakes that weren’t crucial during the game. I think at the end of the day neither offense or defense had their head in the game. It sucks that we lost, but now we know what we need to work on for Districts,” sophomore Lisdeyvis Mestre said.

Despite the loss, the Lady Cavs are striving to win Districts and will continue to work hard for the championship title. Make sure to wish the girls luck on their journey to Districts.