Cavaliers Lady Flag Football Team Defeats Mater Academy


Dayanna Ruiz

Lady Cavs Flag Football team for the 2016-2017 year.

Yeileny Lopez , Staff Writer

The Lady Cavs competed in their third home game against Mater Academy on Thursday, March 30. The girl’s flag football team was able to pull an extraordinary win by leaving the scoreboard 22-6. The team’s dedication and hard work has been seen all throughout the new season. Players of the girl’s flag football team have been diligently working towards Districts. Luckily for the Lady Cavs, they have won all of their games so far. In addition, this year the team made a comeback from last year’s game against Miami High. The first game of this year’s season was against Miami High and Gables won 21-0, however, last year they suffered a 26-0 loss. Their ability to come back from their loss last year, shows how quickly this young program is gaining momentum.

“Every game consists of maximum effort from both offense and defense. Without the team being so united and dedicated, our season wouldn’t have started off so well and we wouldn’t be undefeated so far,” sophomore Dayanna Ruiz said

Gables managed to quickly score a touchdown early in the first quarter. Mabell Espinoza scored the first touchdown of the game, starting the game at 6-0. Player, Isis Mathieu got an interception which gave Gables another six points. Sophomore Dayanna Ruiz also got a sack on Mater’s quarterback. Between offense and defense, the Lady Cavs were able to score some more points, including a safety, while only allowing Mater to score once. The game ended in a mercy ruling because of Gables’ large lead in the last quarter.

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As a returning player from last year, what makes me proud the most is the fact that we’ve learned how to win. Last year, we got a little overconfident and it slapped us back to reality. If we truly want to go far as a team, we need to take every win as it comes and we shouldn’t let it affect our mentality. Losing is easy, but it’s hard to win without getting overconfident from time to time, but we’ve mastered it and stepped on the field giving it all we got instead of doing the minimum,”

— junior Gabriela Morales

The Cavaliers Lady flag football team has had a great season so far this year. They won against South Miami 8-0, Coral Park 33-0, Miami High 21-0, Southwest 18-2, and just defeated Mater Academy as well. The girls played very well and will continue to strive for greatness. Catch the team at their next game on Tuesday, April 4 as they go up against Terra at Gables at 4:00 P.M.