Boys Soccer: Gables vs Braddock


The Cavaliers playing hard against the Braddock Bulldogs.

Jake Paz, Staff Writer

Our boys varsity soccer team took on the Braddock Bulldogs on Dec. 16, 2014 at the Coral Gables Youth Center. They took home another win when Daniel Velez scored a goal in the first half of the game, 1-0.

The boys were not playing on their home field for this game, leaving both teams at a disadvantage. But that did not deter our players from playing their best.

“The best play of the day was a long diagonal pass from Nicolas Poveda that was perfect and caught Daniel Velez in full stride.He finished [playing one-on-one] with the goalkeeper and scored,” coach Hudak said.

The majority of the game was played on Braddock’s side of the field, ensuring the game was in the bag once the Cavs scored their first goal. The boys made multiple shots at the opponent’s goal; even though they only scored once, it was enough to snatch the win.

“It was a very close and physical game, but we were able to get a goal and shut them own defensively,” sophomore Alex Rabell said.

The boys played a tough game and were able to keep the advantage on the bulldogs through out the game. Make sure to catch the boys at their next game against the Coral Park Rams at Coral Park on Tuesday, Jan. 6.