Highschool Bucket List


Annabella Rivera

Make the most of high school and put yourself out there!

Annabella Rivera, Staff Writer

With high school being a time for change and hard work, your goals can get lost in the mix. Whether you are finishing up your time here at Coral Gables or just starting out, there are things we want out of high school, especially certain experiences. No matter how much time you have left in high school, make the most of it. Here’s a list of a few ways how:

Go on a road trip with friends

Use your weekends and breaks your advantage by taking an adventurous trip with your closest friends. Hours in a car with no one else to talk to but your friends can change relationships for the better and bring everyone closer. On the ride there, play random games, get work done or just simply talk about whatever crosses your mind. Make the journey to your destination worthwhile and have fun with it.

Get a job

Taking on more responsibility may sound dreadful, but being employed does have its advantages. Feeling accomplished and little more grown up, getting a job is a simple way of being productive while simultaneously being paid. Finding a job in high school is a simple “kill two birds with one stone” situation. Not only do you gain work experience, but you get a more realistic sense of responsibility- while receiving a paycheck.

“As a senior I feel like I have accomplished everything I anticipated and more, I am satisfied with how I spent my high school years,” senior Maddie Abraham said.

Learn another language

Learning another language in high school, just like getting a job, is a huge advantage. Adopting another language expands your horizon and gives you more qualifications when finding a job. Even if you are already bilingual, it is still a good experience attempting to learn another language. Take that Spanish, Italian, or French class and make the most of it, you may realize the advantages you get when you reach fluency in a foreign language.

Join three different clubs

Getting involved in your school is useful and joining multiple clubs is a perfect way to do it. Not only do you get to make new connections, but you also get to know your school more and what goes on outside of the classroom. Feel free to try something new and get out of you comfort zone. Whether it is improv or sports, there is a club for you, so do not hesitate to join.

Participate every spirit week day

Spirit week is the perfect time to show your school spirit. Do not be afraid to go all out for spirit week because you are showcasing how much Gables spirit you have. Although it is a challenge, dressing out everyday of spirit week could be memorable- even if it is just for one of the weeks throughout high school.

“Before I finish high school, I want to have a huge sleepover, pull an all nighter, and try to go a semester without anything lower than a C,” freshman Grace Urbita Said

Collect photos and videos of memories

Recording memories and saving them on your phone could mean a lot later on. Collecting experiences as you go on through high school is a way to build a time capsule full of memories to be able to look back on. It is also a way to remind yourself of the eventful days you had during your time here.

Get your drivers license/learners permit

Like getting a job, getting your drivers license gives you a sense of responsibility. Being able to take on the task of driving yourself and being on time can create a good habit.

Go to prom

Prom is an unforgettable time for most people and a cherished high school tradition. The entire process of picking out your outfit and taking pictures with friends undoubtedly brings a feeling of excitement. Make the most of this magical night that you will look back upon fondly.

Create a checklist of all that you want to do in your four years of high school and keep track of it.